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Selling tips

Selling Tips

A Seller’s Guide to Success on Wakuda Marketplace: Showcasing Your Products and Brand

Are you ready to elevate your business on Wakuda? Great! As you embark on this exciting journey, we want to ensure you make the most of your seller experience. ...

How to Price Your Products for Success

How to Price Your Products AppropriatelyWhen selling on an e-commerce platform like Wakuda, it’s vital for you to develop a solid pricing strategy. The ...

3 Tips to Write Product Descriptions That Sell

Selling products on an online marketplace requires more than just offering nice things. In fact, the product’s SEO is arguably just as (if not more) important ...

Increase your sales with high quality product photos

The Importance of High Quality Photos for Your Online StoreSelling on an ecommerce platform like Wakuda requires visually led content. While product ...

How to Use Product Tags for Your Wakuda Store

As a seller on Wakuda, you’ll already be familiar with the basic premise. We’re an ecommerce marketplace that helps get your products seen by more customers. ...

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