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Original Moroccan Black Soap - Itofan



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This Moroccan Black Soap has a gel-like consistency, is high in Vitamin E, highly alkaline and made from virgin olive oil, macerated black olives and other natural moisturizing ingredients. After the saponification process which creates the soap with a wood ash, the soap turns into a gel-like, buttery consistency with its characteristic dark-greenish-black colour.

In the hammams or hot bath tradition of Morocco, black soap or beldi soap is used for cleansing, moisturizing the skin and exfoliating.

The soap is gentle and suitable for all skin types (including acne-prone skin), and certainly potent enough to remove dirt, grime, impurities, product build-up, makeup products all without being abrasive to your skin.

This Original Moroccan Black Soap will not just leave you with thoroughly cleansed skin; your skin will feel soft and moisturized. And because of this feature, Moroccan black soap can be used as part of treating various skin issues such as eczema and psoriasis as it nourishes your skin and is a wonderful complement to the African Liquid Black Soap. 

 With regular use you can maintain the health of your skin and keep it youthful at the same time.

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How to use:

How to use Moroccan black soap?

  1. After 15 minutes of taking bath in hot shower, steam room or hammam, a pinch of soap is rubbed onto wet skin.
  2. After 5-10 minutes, a coarse fabric washcloth called a Kessa is used to remove dead skin.
  3. Avoid the soap from face and eyes.
  4. Wait for 10 minutes then you can rinse the soap with warm water.

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