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Shea Butter Soap - Itofan



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Shea Butter Soap – Itofan

This Butter Soap is a superb soap with excellent healing properties designed to help improve skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, skin allergies, and blemishes. It is especially good for dry and damaged skin. Based with our 100% Raw shea butter as the active ingredient, it acts as a gentle and effective moisturizing soap providing an effective formula to promote skin radiance.

This Shea Butter Soap enriched with deeply hydrating and relieving shea butter, which delivers revitalizing omega unsaturated fats deep into your skin to promote solidity and flexibility while hydrating and relieving. It provides gentle and effective purification with repeated application, leaving your skin feeling sensitive and flexible.

  • Conditions and soothes skin
  • Repairs and protects
  • Helps to nourish, moisturise & rejuvenate the skin
  • Can be used for all skin types
  • Combat signs of ageing
  • Vitamin A, E, and F
  • Feel the difference from the first use

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If you stay inside for an extended period of time in a chilly environment, you will notice that your skin begins to dry up. The butter soap delicate milk cleanser was created to combat the effects of just such an event. Normally, you’d focus on post-shower skin-supporting medications, but this cleanser allows you to restore your skin’s importance while you’re showering.

Specification: Shea Butter Soap – Itofan

Quantity Soap Bar, Pack of 3

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