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Virgin Coconut Oil



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Virgin Coconut Oil

Our Raw Virgin coconut oil is made from fresh coconuts which are processed as soon as they have been harvested. Once the oil is extracted, there is no further processing, Itofan’s coconut oil is simply raw and is packed full of healthy nutrients!

(Cocos nucifera)

We use the traditional method of extraction that uses a giant pestle and mortar system to crush the roasted coconut meat.  In this way, the oil extracted results in a pure form of coconut oil, it is labour intensive and collects less oil than other methods. But by using this traditional method, the coconut oil is kept raw with no further processing needed and no stabilizing or preservative agent. So that using this traditional extraction method, the oil retains all its therapeutic benefits. it melts on skin contact, ideal for all hair and skin types including dry, itchy, sensitive skins and baby.
Note: This raw virgin coconut oil is liquid in hot weather climate and solidifies under 25°C in cold weather temperatures. Because of the extraction method, the oil can sometimes be cloudy (creamy) in colour and may have a smoky roasted coconut type of smell.
  • Traditional extraction method
  • Unfiltered
  • Not Bleached
  • Undeodorized
  • Unrefined
  • Not Hydrogenated
  • No GMO Ingredients

Using this oil directly on your skin has several health advantages. This oil has a unique mix of fatty acids with significant therapeutic qualities that feed and moisturize the skin, according to scientists.

Common uses: Cooking, Skincare, Soaps, Ointments, Shampoo, Haircare
Precautions: None Known

Specification: Virgin Coconut Oil

Quantity 250g, 500g, 1Kg, 5Kg

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