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Wakuda Loyalty Points

Wakuda Loyalty Points

Loyalty Points

Earn points every time you shop with Wakuda. It’s the perfect proof to show how much you are supporting black-owned businesses.

How much points do I get when I get when I make a purchase?

Whenever you make a purchase you will earn points. For every pound you spend you will earn a point. If you collate your points up to 500 you will earn £0.50 that you can use for a purchase.

Do I have to spend my points?

No. You can choose to keep you points going, so every 500 points you get you will have £0.50 added to your pot that you can use for a future purchase.

What happens when I use my points for a purchase?

Once you have redeemed your points for a purchase, your points tally will reset and go back to zero.

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