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Why Sell On Wakuda

Well it’s simple, get your brand in the eyes of thousands of customers in the UK and worldwide. At Wakuda our sole focus is getting you sales and getting your brand noticed. So here’s why you should sell on Wakuda.

  • We do not compete with any of our sellers. Customers can purchase a Wakuda Gift card so that can be used to shop with your products.
  • Our fees are low. You can list as many products as you want. You only pay a fee when a sale is made. 
  • We will work in partnership with you. We want to help you grow and be seen by a wider audience. Therefore we will provide you with tips to help you develop and scale your brand! 
  • You will feature across all our socials and newsletters.
  • You are not tied into any contracts. Don’t worry you can also sell on any other marketplace and not just Wakuda. Our aim is to help you grow your business so what you will gain from Wakuda you can use it to further develop your brand on other marketplaces or your own website.
  • We provide great tools to make life easier for small businesses to get started on their entrepreneurial journey. You will have a custom dashboard where you can manage everything all in one place.

Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is key, so we push for our sellers to be featured in as many press outlets as possible.  Some of our sellers have been featured in the below outlets.

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my london news wakuda, why sell on wakuda, get featured in my london news

why sell on wakuda, get featured in bustle

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