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8 Great Black Greeting Card Companies

In an era where financial inclusivity is more important than ever, Black-owned businesses are making significant strides in various sectors, including the financial services industry. Green card companies, which offer sustainable and eco-friendly alternatives to traditional plastic credit cards, are gaining traction among environmentally conscious consumers. In this blog post, we highlight seven exceptional Black-owned green card companies that are leading the charge in this innovative space. These companies not only prioritise sustainability but also contribute to economic empowerment within the Black community. Join us as we explore the remarkable stories and offerings of these pioneering enterprises.


In Ya Feelings Logo

In Ya Feelings sells great greeting cards designed for and inspired by black culture. Made up of a team of ladies who are passionate about our culture and all come from a Caribbean background, which is full of warm and vibrant memories. 

Celebrating special moments and milestones with friends and family is the norm, sharing a little joy and happiness. We struggled to find cards that could help us do that. Cards we could relate to, offering positive and humorous representation of our community, but were still current and fresh. Diverse enough that they could cater to all age groups, without feeling a little dated. So we decided to change that, and in January 2021, In Ya Feelings Was Born.

Despite the digital and instant age we are living in, often, our first port of call to connect with those we care about is still to gift a card. Why? It’s because cards signify thoughtfulness and care; the real commodities of our era. Cards have the ability to convey every human emotion from immense joy and pride, to excitement, disappointment and the sadness of grief. Taking the time to select a card, putting pen to paper is a long appreciated tradition that shows no end of abating despite the digitalisation of just about everything. All Shades was created in 2022 to enhance the offering by widening the availability of imagery to suit a more diverse audience than is currently available in the mainstream space. We aim to change that.

At Authentically African we are all about celebrating Africans on the continent and in the diaspora by creating and selling everyday products that affirm and proudly showcase Africa. The main inspiration is from the Adinkra symbols of the Akan culture in Ghana, West Africa. These symbols feature on every one of our greeting cards.

‘Ello, I’m Tayo Jisi, the one-woman show behind Sweetart Comics and Sweetart Comics Emporium.

Sweetart Comics Emporium is my lovely little gift shop. You’ll find my own vibrant, whimsical, and heartwarming illustrations on a range of products including greeting cards, art prints, mugs, tote bags and you’ll even find some hand-poured soy wax candles!

Sweetart Comics started as a weekly 3-panel webcomic in 2016. I was using MS Paint and a mouse, my drawing skills were primitive (at best) but they received enough positive attention for me to keep going.

Some of the situations depicted in the comics have happened to me in real life while others are an outlet for my over-actively wild imagination.

Welcome to Noir Cards, where we celebrate the vibrance of the Black community through the art of greeting cards. I’m Nadia, the creative behind each design that seeks to capture the essence of joy, culture, and achievement. Join us in spreading love, one uniquely crafted card at a time, as we weave stories and celebrate the richness of our shared experiences. Noir Cards—a heartfelt connection, beautifully expressed.

Natis Creations was founded by Fatima. A black mother of two young sons, two brothers and a husband. She struggled to find greeting cards with positive representation of the black males in her life. When it came to sending them gift cards she was desperate to find positive representative images but found none.  Greeting cards are an important part of family life, especially when they live far apart and Fatima was not happy with choices she found both in stores and online…and so Natis Creations was born. Her two sons Nathaniel and Isaac make up the name, Natis creations.

This Black Owned, UK based company now not only provide Afrocentric Diverse and African Inspired greeting cards for the men in our lives but for all family members and special occasions. Whether it be a birthday, wedding, or new baby we have cards for your loved ones as well as those special times of the year too like Christmas, Mothers’ and Fathers’ Day.

We sell greeting cards, notebooks, notepads, physical and digital prints. All with collage at the heart but with a variety of other techniques such as linocutting, digital and water coloured artwork. Created to celebrate representation, in art and in business. Collage with a digital twist.

Hi, I’m Camille

I love sharing positive messages and encouraging others. It is a big part of who I am, wherever I am. Words are powerful! they can uplift or tear down and I reckon we need less of the latter… so I decided to make beautiful handmade cards brimming with love, joy, positivity and heart to help be the difference.

It’s been a really surreal journey as I have always wanted to do this. I always imagined selling luxurious journal (each time I bought someone else’s); I would also imagine luxurious paper and envelope sets. But it seemed so daunting!

Then in 2021, when my son was 6 months old, I just bit the bullet and put my first card on. It was not my best as I have learnt so much since then, but I STARTED and now I am really proud of what I have achieved.

I love what I do, and I love that I get to help brighten special day. That someone banks on me when they place an order and that sometimes they come back again and again. I hope to do this always.

In conclusion, these eight Black-owned green card companies are not just transforming the financial landscape with their innovative and eco-friendly solutions but are also making significant contributions to the environment and their communities. By supporting these businesses, consumers can take a step towards sustainable living while promoting economic empowerment and diversity in the financial sector. Each of these companies exemplifies excellence, resilience, and a commitment to positive change. As we move towards a greener future, their efforts and successes serve as an inspiration to us all. Explore their offerings, support their missions, and be a part of this transformative journey

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