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Introducing the Etsy for black-owned businesses

Wakuda - which means ‘black’ in Chichewa, a spoken language in Malawi - was Larter’s brainchild and inspired by the global reactions to George Floyd’s death in the US. With people from all ethnicities wondering what they could do to help level out inequalities between black and white/non-black communities, he saw the revival of the Black Lives Matter movement as an opportunity to help bridge the gap between black businesses and willing customers.


Marketplace supports black community thanks to award-winning entrepreneurs

A brand new online marketplace for Black-owned businesses has launched in the UK. The arrival of Wakuda comes in time for Black History Month, and will assist business owners and consumers in supporting Black-owned retailers online. The platform is the brainchild of Albert Larter and Nathaniel Wade who, in the wake of the Black Lives Matter movement, noticed an increased focus on supporting Black-owned brands and businesses.

Alb Nat

Wakuda: A new online marketplace for black-owned businesses

Co-founders Albert Larter and Nathaniel Wade explain why they launched the platform in August 2020, and how brands can support black-owned businesses. Since the Black Lives Matter protests in 2020, we have seen a huge rise in corporations wanting to support black-owned businesses. Is it sincere? Is it token activism done off the back of a sensitive matter to receive reward from consumers? We think it’s a mixture of both. One thing that’s for certain is that it is a step forward. But more needs to be done.


Londoners launch 'Amazon for Black businesses' to mark start of Black History Month

Two entrepreneurs from London have teamed up to launch an online marketplace which will be like 'Amazon for Black businesses'. Albert Larter and Nathaniel Wade, both 29 and from Southwark and Catford respectively, launched Wakuda last month with the aim of helping small and medium sized Black businesses gain more visibility in the business world. The pair aim to spotlight Black businesses across Black History Month celebrations.

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