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Wakuda is an online marketplace providing shoppers of all backgrounds with a sustainable solution to discovering and supporting black and diverse UK talent. 

As a platform that connects buyers to sellers, we provide anyone and everyone the opportunity to access amazing Black-owned brands.

But more than that, we are working towards an equitable sustainable eco-system where supporting independent Black-owned businesses isn’t a reactive act that’s done in surges but one that is just as instinctive as purchasing from any other mainstream brand. 

How Wakuda Works

We are building a community-centric marketplace. Wakuda allows amazing talents and businesses within the Black community to connect with a wider audience of shoppers from all backgrounds who want to buy from quality businesses and/or want to help to support independent Black-owned businesses in the process. The latest findings showed that black-owned businesses are underrepresented in the UK and and face more challenges in accessing financial support to grow and scale their business. Wakuda gives that needed boost so they can compete fairly and equitably.

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Reframing the Black Economy

    • Hub

We leverage our innovative partnerships to give the partners on our platform the tools and resources necessary to build and scale their businesses. This is often done in the form of masterclasses and training from specialists

    • Support

We provide bespoke support to our partners during onboarding and beyond to ensure they can consistently deliver the best service to their customers and optimise their brand and their products to increase their marketability 

  • Low Fees

We keep fees low to give our partners the best environment to grow their businesses and to give customers access to products at the best prices.

Our Mission

Our core mission is to challenge the status quo – our objectives are twofold –

1. Bring black-owned businesses and creatives to the mainstream audience in a meaningful way.

2. Black entrepreneurs experience far worse outcomes, on average and have significantly lower median turnover. We aim to narrow that gap.


To accelerate the growth of a reframed black economy and empower black business owners.

Our Values

Our company is powered by three guiding principles: community, equity, and access.

Community- We embrace the belief of collective responsibility for the growth of small Black businesses and the communities in which they operate. Our marketplace creates opportunities for better communities, a sense of pride of ownership, and connection with those who support.

Equity- Everyone benefits from an equitable eco-system. Wakuda is helping to level the playing field by spotlighting the underrepresented in society and giving our partners and customers easier access and connections.

Access- We are streamlining access to black-owned businesses and creatives. We aim to deliver a reliable and accessible marketplace for vendors to get their products visible through the haze of the mainstream.

Nathaniel Wade and Albert Larter

Meet the Founders

Wakuda was founded in 2020 by friends, serial entrepreneurs, and investors, Nathaniel Wade and Albert Larter.

In the wake of the resurgence of the Black Lives Matter Movement, Wakuda is a response to give meaningful support and access to talent in the black community and support independent black business owners.

Albert, the conceptualiser of Wakuda, brings to the platform a strong background in marketing. Together with Nathaniel, who brings his financial savvy, they found a way to give back to their community and empower other Black entrepreneurs to become successful business owners.

Shop with Black-Owned Businesses

Youu can purchase anything from the edible to the smellable, the drinkable to the wearable. If there’s something you’re looking for and can’t find here, let us know, and we’ll hunt it down for you!

Shop today and discover untapped talent from the black community.

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