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Buyers Frequently Asked Questions

We get similar types of questions so we created lists of some of the more common ones with the answers of course! If you are planning to buy or have bought from us at Wakuda, this one is for you. And if you have a question and neither of the above apply please feel free to drop us at

Wakuda Marketplace FAQs 

What is Wakuda?

Wakuda is an online marketplace to discover unique, quality products sourced entirely from the Black community. Our mission is to transform the way people discover and access Black-owned brands.

Who are the founders of Wakuda?

The two co-founders of Wakuda are Nathaniel Wade and Albert Larter. Our company was founded to address a lack of diversity throughout online marketplaces, so we have set out to create a platform that provides just that. You can read more about Wakuda’s story here.

What inspired the creation of Wakuda?

After the death of George Floyd, there was a monumental shift in the awareness of the differences that the Black community faces day to day. Therefore, Wakuda was set up to really help challenge this difference and provide a space for the Black community to thrive and sell their creations.

What does Wakuda mean?

Pronounced Wah-Koo-Dah, this word comes from the language Chichewa and means Black. It is the main language in Malawi, and as well as this, the word is also a surname in Japanese that stands for harmony. 

Does Wakuda offer free shipping?

Some vendors offer free shipping as standard or on orders over a certain amount. This will be displayed to you on their procts and at checkout.

Why have I got more than one shipping cost at checkout?

One of the most important aspects of our online marketplace is that it provides a platform for a wide range of different brands that are Black-owned. If you have multiple products in your shopping cart, they can be coming from sellers, meaning that the products may be getting shipped from different parts of the UK.

Why have I only received one/some of the products I ordered?

When you buy from multiple vendors they often have different dispatch times. If you have any concerns about any particular send us a message and we will look into it for you

What delivery times should I expect?

You may have to wait a little longer than you would on other online marketplaces, but for good reason! Our platform openly encourages brands who make their products by hand and with love, be it art, jewellery or clothing! Individual delivery times are stated on each product page.

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