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7 Amazing Black-owned Christmas Gifts

Christmas Giftrs by Black Owned Brands

Celebrate the spirit of the season with a touch of uniqueness and support Black-owned businesses by exploring our curated list of Black-owned Christmas Gifts. This collection showcases a diverse array of thoughtful and high-quality products created by talented entrepreneurs from the Black community. From artisanal crafts and fashion-forward accessories to innovative gadgets and delectable treats, each item is a testament to creativity, craftsmanship, and the rich cultural tapestry that makes each gift not just a present, but a meaningful expression of holiday joy and solidarity. Discover the joy of giving while championing diversity and empowerment with these exceptional offerings from Black-owned businesses that promise to add a special touch to your holiday celebrations.

Divine Goddess Self-Love Jar

1. Divine Goddess Self-Love Jar:

The self-love jar is a great gift to give to someone you love this Christmas:

Each crystal-adorned jar includes:

  • Rose Quartz Heart Necklace
  • Rose Quartz Chipped Bracelet
  • Rose Quartz Chipped filled Wish Bottle
  • Selenite Stick
  • Self Love Scroll
  • Natural Confetti made with Rose Petals, Lavender and Cornflower

Ritual Soak Triple Set

2. Ritual Soak Triple Set:

Receive 3 months’ worth of Divine Goddess Soaks in this triple set for 15% off! You will be spoilt for choice during your bathing ritual with a choice of Divine Goddess Self Love, Relation or Sensuous Bath Soak.

Included in this triple set:-

Divine Goddess Self Love Soak

  • Rose Quartz Crystal Tumble
  • Epsom Salts
  • Pink Himalayan Salts
  • Rose Buds and Petals
  • Lavender Flower
  • Cornflower
  • Lavender Essential Oil

Luxury Mixed Berries Shortbread

3. Luxury Mixed Berries Shortbread

This tin of luxury mixed berries shortbread will leave you more than satisfied. The classic shortbread comes safely packaged and delivered to you, this will make a great Christmas gift for your loved one.

Shea Body Butter Trio Set

4. Shea Body Butter Trio Set:

Nourish your skin and smell amazing with our Shea Body Butter Trio Set. A perfect gift for yourself or someone special.

Handcrafted using premium grade unrefined Shea butter, our body butter leaves your skin feeling nourished, looking healthy and smelling fabulous.

Mini Manifest & Protection Garden

5. Mini Manifest & Protection Garden:

Mini Crystal Manifest and Protect gardens are filled with clear quartz crystals for master healing and protection. Each little garden features a miniature terracotta pot, natural green moss, and 3 x clear quartz points.

Winter Wonderland Crystal Candle

6. Winter Wonderland Crystal Candle:

A magical festive candle made of a crystal wonderland!

Bringing the Christmas magic alive with this healing crystal festive candle, with its frosty blue appearance and snow glitter it is made to look like a wonderland. Winter Wonderland Crystal Candle is topped with a mini snowflake and the added magic of clear quartz and blue lace agate. This candle smells like a wonderland scented with snowy splendour a cool and revitalising scent of mint, eucalyptus and orange with a hint of florals all laying on a bed of cedarwood, amber and musk.

HL Vodka Mango and Passion Fruit

7. HL Vodka Mango and Passion Fruit

Our HL Vodka Mango and Passion Fruit flavoured vodka gives off a tropical, smooth and flavoursome aftertaste experience.

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