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Best Housewarming Gift Ideas

Best Housewarming Gift Ideas

Moving into a new home is a pretty big milestone in anyone’s life. Whether it’s someone’s first home or if they’ve been hopping around for a while now, settling into a new place is always an exciting time. What better way to celebrate this occasion than with a thoughtful housewarming gift?

But with so many options out there, picking out the perfect gift can get quite tricky. That’s why we’ve put together this guide to some of the best housewarming gift ideas, all available right here at Wakuda! From practical gifts, decorative pieces, and everything in between, our selection of new home gifts has something for everyone. So what are you waiting for? Read on and get ready to find the perfect housewarming gift for your friends or family.

His and Hers Coaster Set (£9)

These Matching ‘His and Hers’ Coasters by Colourshot are a great budget-friendly housewarming gift that’s still sure to bring a smile to every happy couple. With a unique design that’s based on traditional African mudcloth fabric, these coasters aren’t just functional but will bring a pop of life to every dining and coffee table. 

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Pink Himalayan Salt Tea Light Holder (£9 – £25)

Thought to have a myriad of benefits, pink Himalayan salt lamps have become a must-have piece of furniture and an excellent new home gift for all the tastemakers out there. With claims of air purifying and mood lifting abilities, this Pink Himalayan Salt Tea Holder by the good people at Black To My Roots is a great way to welcome good vibes into your new house. It’s also an elegant centrepiece for your coffee table, with an orange glow that’s sure to warm up every space it’s in.

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Round Orange Decorative Vase (£18.99)

Furniture shopping is always a bit of a pain for a new homeowner, so why not make their life a bit easier by gifting them this decorative vase by Unveiling Beauty. The bright orange base is coupled with splashes of black and white streaks, making this functional piece of decor the perfect gift for anyone looking for a unique addition to their new home. For that extra cherry on top, why not pick up a lovely bouquet of flowers on your way to the housewarming party? That way you’ll be giving them a perfect set. 

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Cashmere Oud Candle (£23 – £25)

You know that familiar smell you notice as soon as you walk into a fancy hotel? Or that clean, crisp fragrance coming off a fresh pile of laundry? It’s a smell of luxury, but unfortunately never lasts as long as we want it to. Well, what if we told you the team behind Bruler Candles have packaged up that familiar scent into their new Cashmere Oud Candle? As soon as you light this candle, your new home will instantly transform into a five-star resort. A great housewarming gift for those who like to treat themselves to subtle touches of luxury.

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African Print Ankara Heart Cushion (£25)

Everyone wants their new house to be full of love, and what better way to start than by gifting your favourite new homeowner this Ankara Heart Cushion from By KKala X. This housewarming gift is great for any of your friends who aren’t afraid to be bold with their decor. Featuring a bright and beautiful wax print, this handmade pillow will add the perfect pop of colour to a new home. 

African Print Ankara Heart Cushion - White, Red, Black

The Personal Touch Candle (£25)

Nothing warms a person’s heart more than a personalised candle, and the team at Bruler Candles have truly warmed ours with their Personal Touch Candle. Not only are you able to personalise its label, you’ll also get to pick out what fragrance you want the candle to have. Ranging from more subtle scents like Driftwood & Rock Salt to fruitier fragrances like Strawberry & Lily, this customised housewarming gift is a simple new home gift that’s sure to make a statement in your friend’s new home.

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Home Energy Cleansing Gift Set (£30 – £50)

Part of moving into a new house is establishing a positive space, with no negative energy that could interfere with your flow. This is why we think this Home Energy Cleansing Gift Set is one of the best new home gifts out there. It comes with two types of smudge sticks, Palo Santo sticks, and a piece of rose quartz to help cleanse your new house and attract positive energy, which makes this truly the gift that keeps on giving.

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Bogolan Mugs (£42 – £52)

If your giftee is a new homeowner, we’re sure they’ll appreciate a couple of additions to their dining set to help them get started with their first home. These Bogolan Mugs are sure to make an impression during your next get-together once they’re laid out on the dining table. Their design features a traditional Bogolan pattern that provides a bold yet sophisticated accent to any tableware set. The matching coasters are technically optional, but honestly we think they truly complete the look and help create a stand out mug set.

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Kustomyzed Hand Cut Diamante Wine Glasses (£50)

Some of the best housewarming gift ideas are ones that are personalised and one-of-a-kind. Personalised housewarming gifts are one of the best ways to show a loved one you care, and these one-of-a-kind Hand Cut Diamante Wine Glasses by the gift experts at Kustomyzed are an unforgettable option. Each unique glass is hand cut, hand polished, and embellished with Swarovski elements for a refined, luxurious design. These glasses aren’t just elegant – you can customise them with an engraved message, an extra personal touch that’ll really make them feel special. All there is left to do is bring out your best bottle of wine and toast to their new home at their housewarming party.

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Housewarming gifts are one of the best ways to celebrate a friend or family member’s new home. We hope this guide to some of our favourite housewarming gift ideas gives you a bit of inspiration on what to bring with you to your friend’s housewarming party. From cosy pillows to elegant wine glasses, there are countless options of new home gifts out there. The key is to keep the recipient’s personality and needs in mind when picking out the perfect housewarming gift.

If you’re looking for more gift ideas, we’ve also put together guides on the best gift ideas for all sorts of occasions. Whether it’s Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s, or you’re just looking for a way to say ‘I love you’. Or if you’ve already got some ideas brewing, check out our complete range of gifts by incredible Black-owned businesses available at Wakuda today!

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