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7 Ways You Can Support Black-Owned Businesses and Why

Choosing to support a Black-owned business is more than just a market trend. Historically, Black-owned businesses have been pushed to one side by large retailers, but luckily the internet changed all that. 

Wakuda was founded specifically to support Black-owned businesses and provide them with visibility in the larger retail landscape. Here are 7 ways you can support a Black-owned business, and why.

How Can I Support a Black-Owned Business?

1. Buy from them

This might be an obvious place to start, but it’s worth mentioning. Buying from a Black-owned business is the best way to support them. So, next time you need something that an independent retailer might sell, see if you can get it from a Black-owned business.

2. Promote them on social media

Whether or not you can spend your money at a Black-owned business, promote their products on social media. It’s the best way to offer visibility, and, importantly for the business, it’s free.

3. Always leave reviews

Products reviews have massive swaying power for potential buyers. A great way to support a Black-owned business is to show people you liked their product and what you liked about it. Also, reviews often boost visibility on certain platforms, so make sure you take the time to leave one.

4. Share your space

If you run business networking events or have connections, offer Black-owned businesses a seat at the table. It could be as simple as inviting them or it could be offering them a chance to speak or market their products. Similarly, if you have business contacts, see if you can link them to Black entrepreneurs who might need mentoring or coaching to expand their small business.

5. Understand the differences

A Black entrepreneur will inevitably have more barriers to break through, especially Black women. Regardless of your background, understand these barriers exist and think about what you can do to challenge structures or offer support to a Black-owned business.

6. Take time to build a relationship

A key part of supporting a Black-owned business is to ensure it’s not just a tick on your good deeds list. If you plan on buying from a Black-owned business, make sure you build a relationship, too. Consider what they sell, what you want, and how you can make a long-term relationship work rather than buying from them once and moving on.

7. Be intentional in your purchases

Similarly, make sure your purchases have intention. What does this mean? Support a Black-owned business throughout the year rather than just during holidays, and understand that money to a local business has far more economic power than it going to a large company. Do nothing without intention.

Why Do Black-Owned Businesses Need Support?

Through Wakuda, you can support UK Black-owned brands in everything from home and art to beauty and clothing. But why do they need your support? Well, they’re local businesses for one, which always deserve support. Plus, it saves handing your money over to large-scale multinational companies!

So check out Wakuda for everything you could need, entirely from Black-owned businesses.

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