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Palm Kernel Oil



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Palm Kernel Oil

Palm Kernel Oil (Dark Coloured)

(Elaeis guineensis)

Country of Origin: Guinea (Republic)

(Raw// Premium // No Additive // Unrefined // Paraben Free// Chemical Free

Note:  Oil is liquid in hot weather climate and solidifies under 25°C in cold weather temperatures.

This oil is an edible plant oil extracted from the palm kernel, which is the seed found inside the palm fruit. The oil obtained can either be dark brown (black) or light yellow (or clear). The difference in the colour stems from the extraction process. The oil extracted via the cold press method is light yellow or clear, while the traditional method produces the dark brown coloured oil.

This dark brown coloured Palm kernel oil (from a sustainable and non-destructive source) is known for its uniquely strong nutty smell and taste. Its chemical composition is quite different from that of palm oil and is a lauric type, like coconut oil, rich in lauric and myristic fatty acids give the oil antibiotic qualities and enhances the absorption of the oil into the skin and hair. It is an excellent substitution for coconut oil in soap making. It produces hard soap with excellent lather.

This unrefined and all-natural oil is particularly well known for its healing properties and multiple health benefits, especially it helps promote healthy hairshine, prevent from breakage and helps to keep the skin supple. It offers an extended shelf life and unlike most other vegetable oils, it does not oxidize even at extremely high temperatures.

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Common uses: Soaps, Ointments, Shampoo, Haircare


 Take care !

Specification: Palm Kernel Oil

Quantity 250g, 500g, 1kg

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