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10 Black-Owned Shea Butters / Body Butters

Shea butter is a popular ingredient in the skincare world, and for good reason. It’s incredibly moisturising and contains anti-inflammatory ingredients that can help with skin breakouts.

To get you excited about natural skincare, here are 10 Black-owned body butters that you must try.

Shea Butter in Natural Skincare

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1. Akirma Luxe’s Hair and Body Butter

This body butter also works on your hair! It’s packed full of moisturising ingredients, such as coconut oil, olive oil, and, of course, Shea butter. There are scented and unscented options, too.

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2. SheaBliss’ Lemongrass Butter

You can’t get more natural skincare than unrefined Shea butter. This lemongrass butter also has almond oil and lemongrass for amazing fragrance and skin hydration.

3. Rukai’s Sheaayo Shea Avocado Body Butter

Eczema and extremely dry skin have met their match! An intensely nourishing and creamy moisturiser that calms irritated skin and soothes irritation. For a calming full-body sensation, use with their Natural Black Soap body cleanser

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4. Itofan’s Raw Unrefined Shea Butter

If you want to go back to basics with your natural skincare, this raw Shea butter is for you. It doesn’t contain any other ingredients, making it suitable for sensitive skin. Alternatively, you could use it to create your own body butters.

5. Muluku’s Skin Food Formula

This super smooth Skin Food Formula is made with 7 of nature’s finest plant-based oils and butters. Created to cultivate and soften your skin leaving it silky and supple, blessing your body with a luxurious feel. It is highly moisturising and pure but non-greasy.

6. Nzema Appolo’s Unrefined Raw Shea Butter

This Raw, unrefined Shea Butter ideal for all skin types and skin ailments including eczema, psoriasis, dry or sensitive skin. It soothes skin inflammation and calms itchiness.

7. Huiler Botanic’s Mango & Papaya Balm

Nourish and replenish your skin with this exotic Mango & Papaya Balm. This luxurious body balm combines a blend of natural butters, oils, and extracts, leaving your skin soft, hydrated, and delicately scented.

8. Rukai’s Hemp Hand Cream – Ipara Owo

Is hand-washing irritating your skin and exacerbating your eczema? This hemp-infused hand butter moisturises your parched hands to perfection, making it a must-have for hardworking hands everywhere. It’s rich and creamy, and it instantly soothes dry, cracked skin, especially when it’s exposed to the roughness of the changing seasons.


9. Shairenity’s Sweet Mango Body Butter

This luxurious mango body butter is soft and silky with a tropical mango scent that is soothing to your skin and soul. The combination of Shea Butter and Mango Butter along with coconut oil nourishes and protects dry skin making it feel smooth and soft.

10. Butterflyy Bliss’ Mango & Coconut Body Butter

With light mousse consistency, this gorgeous whipped body butter hydrates and nourishes the skin with its coconut oil & shea butter base mix. The additional sweet scent of the orange oil and almond oil give not only the body butter a beautiful fragrance, but also leaves your skin fragrant as well as helping keep it firm and leaving it silky soft. Your whole body will be left fragrant and silky smooth.


Supporting Black-owned businesses means putting money in the pockets of small business owners, but doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice quality in your natural skincare products. 

You’ll love the range of body butters we sell on Wakuda, all of which combine the power of Shea butter with other great, natural ingredients. Feel free to check out our full skincare range for more options.

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