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Wakuda, Wakanda, Wakunda ?

We’ve literally heard all the iterations around Wakuda you can imagine. Wakunda and Wakanda definitely come up the most so I thought I’d give a quick breakdown on the meaning and the why behind the name.

The Wakuda Origin Story

Wakuda, pronounced Wah – Koo – Dah, means black in Chichewa which is the main language in Malawi. It’s also a Japanese surname which means harmony. If that wasn’t enough it also has a meaning in Zimbabwe. Wa – You and Kuda – Want. *Fun fact: we only knew the Malawian meaning when we chose the name, the rest was luck!

If you’re not familiar with “Wakanda”, please stop reading NOW and head straight to whatever source you need to and watch Marvel’s award winning Black Panther, a masterpiece! Wakanda is a fictional country in Africa in the Marvelverse. It’s also home to the most technologically advanced nation on the planet.

Wakunda like Wakuda, also has origins in Zimbabwe – Wa – you and Kunda – Conquered / Overcame. I had an hour long conversation with a Zimbabwean friend so I confirm this to definitely be true!

The name Wakuda resonated with us as Malawi is often called the warm heart of Africa. Our vision for the Wakuda marketplace is pretty similar to the heart and blood vessels functions in the human body. We aim to be the central connector for amazing black-owned businesses and the rapidly growing, ethically aware diverse audience. As well as transforming access to black-owned businesses we’re also empowering these black business owners to grow their businesses sustainably.

Powered By the People

Our slogan “Powered By The People” is a key message that deserves a little breakdown too while we’re here. Similar to Power to the people (the phrase that became popular throughout the 1960s during the civil rights movement). We’re letting everyone know that they as an individual have the power to create impact and ultimately create lasting change.

All people power the Wakuda ecosystem. Black-owned businesses are the first as without them, it would be a very dull marketplace *tumble weed blows by*. Every visitor, customer, referrer is able to create positive impact and help to power the Wakuda ecosystem.

Nathaniel Wade
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