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Cashback at Wakuda!

What’s it all about?

Get rewarded with cashback when you create a FREE ACCOUNT at Wakuda! You can build a savings pot. At the same time, you can use it to track your earnings from spending with Black-owned UK businesses.

An example of this could be if you bought items totalling £50.00 at Wakuda. You would earn £1.50 cashback in your Wakuda account wallet. You can then use your cashback to discover and spend with more Black-owned businesses, YAY!

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Why cashback?

We often see Black-owned businesses having to consistently discount their products and by extension – their brands – in order to get sales. Now discounts aren’t inherently bad – when used appropriately. They can be a fantastic strategy for bringing in sales in the short term. However, business owners often hurt their brand value when they do this continuously. This is due to customers seeing them as discount brands and not appreciating their true value. It’s also often damaging to their profit margins. For Black business owners, as an already marginalised group, this can make growing their business even harder.

At Wakuda we decided to take a more holistic approach. We strongly believe people who spend consciously with positive impact should be rewarded. The empowerment of customers to spend consistently with Black owned businesses was also a massive part of our thought process.

We want to create an ecosystem with three core fundamentals:

  1. Reward the diverse group of loyal customers that are creating positive impact with their spending power.
  2. Recognise and appreciate the true value of the Black-business owners on Wakuda for their creative talents.
  3. Encourage consistency with buying from Black-owned businesses.

Our aim is to achieve these core fundamentals with our cashback initiative – without stifling the growth of the businesses on our platform through discounting their products. Cashback is paid to customers through the commission we make from sales. We wanted to do this to ensure our partners are still able to maintain their profit margins and the sustainability of their businesses.

You can get rewarded with cashback for shopping on all categories across Wakuda, from Arts & Prints to Gifts and Health and Beauty.

Create a free account here and start getting rewarded today!

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