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Black Card Companies You Can Shop With

Finding a black card company used to be an onerous task. Now there are many to choose from. Why? Representation matters. No matter the occasion, cards are a necessary part of any gift giving, however many times there were never cards that had the small black girl or black boy. At Wakuda we have a whole host of cards that people from the black community can relate to. There are cards that show representation such us the black girl birthday card that you would never find on high street card shops.

Wakuda is a Black-owned marketplace that brings together independent sellers from across the UK. So, if you want to support small businesses, here are some of the best Black card companies you can shop with in the UK.

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1. Ibere Apparel

Ibere Apparel has a range of Black greetings cards with a distinctive art style. They have you covered for holidays like Christmas, Kwanza, and Mother’s and Father’s Day, and more everyday cards. There are plenty of options for each event, so you shouldn’t find it difficult to pick the perfect card for your recipient. All cards are A6 and blank inside.

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2. Natiscreations

Natiscreations has an extensive range of cards to pick from. Whether you want birthday cards, marriage cards or thank you cards, they have you covered. You can pick from stylised person-focused cards or beautiful African wax prints, too. If you’re looking for Black Christmas cards, they have you covered with a card bundle. The cards use African-inspired colours and imagery, and there’s 10% off when you buy 4 or more.

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3. Noir Cards

Noir Cards focus on inspirational quotes and quirky designs. The art is clean and unique and they offer Black greetings cards for all occasions. All cards are printed on 300gsm paper and are blank inside, so you can add your own personal message.

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4. Our Version

Our Version produces UK Black cards with a focus on traditional African prints. Better yet, their cards are eco-friendly: they’re fully recyclable and biodegradable and use zero-waste packaging. There are no messages inside so you can customise the cards however you wish.

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5. Good Day Prints

Good Day Prints produces Black greeting cards that you, a friend or a family member would love. Their greeting cards are fitting for any occasion. You can also find some great motivational prints that will go great as a gift. 

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6. The Copper Fruit

The Copper Fruit is a standout among Black card companies. Their designs are very bright and feature bold patterns. Each design is inspired by Africa, whether it’s food, animals or colours. Their range of Black greetings cards are left blank inside, so you can add whatever message you want. Importantly, it means each card is perfect for any occasion.

Self Awareness Greeting Card by Stacey-Ann Cole

7. Stacey-Ann Cole

Stacey-Ann Cole’s Black greetings cards are printed from the designer’s original watercolour paintings. The art style is elegant and will definitely be appreciated by the lucky recipient. All cards are blank inside and are printed on thick, high-quality card. 

Happy Birthday Ohene written in gold on a red background with a gold crown underneath and gold circles all over the card

8. The Twi Company

The Twi Company prints its cards with Twi phrases. Whether it’s a new baby card, a birthday card, or something for a family member, it’s sure to put a smile on the recipient’s face. Along with Twi phrases, the cards embrace Ghanaian heritage through colours and imagery, particularly those of the Ghanaian flag. Each card is blank inside so, even if it’s for a particular occasion, you can add your own message.

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9. Soufriere Living

Soufriere Living specialises in simple, clean Black greetings cards. All cards are printed on recycled paper made in the UK, meaning these are wholly UK Black cards. You can customise them with your own messages inside, making them ideal for anyone special in your life.

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10. UpstreamS Living

UpstreamS Living uses Caribbean influences for its Black greetings card. The perfect example is their birthday card, which features the phrase “How old are you now?” Their new baby cards include craft elements, such as a glitter frame, raised pram, and ribbon details. You have colour options depending on the recipient, and all cards are blank inside.

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11. My Sprinkles of Love

My Sprinkles of Love keeps its Black greetings cards traditional. As the name implies, it focuses on love-themed occasions, such as weddings, Valentine’s Day, and partners’ birthdays. So, if you need Black cards in the UK for someone special in your life, look no further.

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12. In Ya Feelings

In Ya Feelings pride themselves in having cards for the culture. If you are looking for cards with a nice element of humour and an extra bit of spice, this is the brand to shop with. They have cards for all occasions that would put a smile on anyones face.


At Wakuda, we champion Black-owned companies. Whether you want to celebrate your family’s heritage, support an independent business, or find a card style you won’t see in the shops, Wakuda is the place to be.

If you want more options for Black card companies, check out the rest of our website. There are plenty to choose from!

  1. Thank you Wakuda! It’s lovely to have my greeting cards featured alongside all of these other wonderful brands 🙂 I’m uploading my new Christmas cards today!

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