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Shopping for Valentine’s Gifts by Black-owned Businesses

Hello, February. 

The blessed month of love!

For most of us, February is the best time to go all out to show love to our partners and loved ones. Since this year’s Valentine’s Day will be under lockdown, we are encouraged to be more proactive in thinking of ways to express affection and appreciation towards our loved ones. But as Valentine’s Day draws closer, a significant number of people are at a loss for valentine’s gift ideas during lockdown.

What if we told you that you could purchase Valentine’s gifts by black-owned businesses in the UK without stepping out of your home, so you end up ticking off two boxes with one act of love? Do we have your attention now? 

Enter Wakuda Online marketplace

Wakuda is a global marketplace committed to empowering black-owned businesses in the UK. Keenly aware of the myriad challenges facing small businesses and particularly black-owned companies, Wakuda provides real empowerment for black-businesses through its global platform. Consumers can find high-quality products from different consumer industries such as health, beauty, art, design, fashion, home décor, literature, food & drinks, etc., all made by black-owned businesses. Wakuda is committed to showcasing black talent and businesses in ways that should surely get your attention and earn your respect. 

We know putting a smile on your partner’s face and showing them how much you care can sometimes be a risky endeavour, but we’re here to help. Wakuda has assembled a more than impressive list of sellers offering various products to ensure you are not at a loss for choice. 

Let’s check out some gifts for your special one, ladies first. 

Gifts for Her 

Ladies love thoughtful gifts from their partners. Maybe it’s the unspoken thoughtfulness that comes with every act of gifting or perhaps the sheer statements every gift seems to make. Thankfully, there are options to choose from when it comes to getting gifts for your lady. Whatever your budget is for Valentine’s Day, Wakuda has got you covered. We believe that whatever you are capable of spending on a gift should be enough to express genuine affection for her. So, let’s check out a few items on Wakuda you may wish to consider.

Melanin Minds Love Lockdown Gift Box

valentine's day gifts, valentines gift box, gifts for her, black-owned business

Chances are you are on lockdown wherever you are reading this post, but you could still take your partner on a straight trip to paradise without stepping outside of your house with this gift. The Melanin Minds Love Gift Box is the perfect gift during a lockdown. It has all the right products for a sensual massage or a romantic bath. This Gift Box comes with a personalized limited edition aphrodisiac candle, bath bombs, scented rose petals, massage oils, love tea, a card for your love note, among many other items; this is your ticket for a sensual getaway for her. Your lady could soak luxuriously in the right vibe and sip on a hot Choco or Pukka Love tea. Get this for her and thank us later!

Love Pamper Box

valentine's gifts, valentine's pamper gift box, gifts for herIf you love to pamper her, then this one is your go-to gift this Valentine’s Day. Few Valentine’s gifts say, “you deserve some time out to spoil and pamper yourself,” like this one. It tells her; you care about her wellbeing, including her mental health. You could say so much at a little cost with this gift, which comes with free delivery in the UK.

Lavender, Chamomile & Vanilla – Massage Candle

massage candle for valentines day, gifts for her, valentines gifts, black-owned business

This exclusive product is an excellent choice if your lady hardly has time to destress. If you want her to rest and relax, this is the gift. With its soothing properties, this massage candle has oils that induce sleep and reduces anxiety. You will not be breaking the bank with this gift, but you sure will be breaking the stress on her. That’s a good deal if you ask us.

Relaxation Amethyst Heart Set

crystal healing, amethyst heart, valentines gift, gift for her

The Relaxation Amethyst Heart Set is more than just a massage— it’s a spiritual journey for your queen. This package contains an amethyst heart bracelet, tumble crystal, a selenite cleansing crystal, a divine goddess essence amethyst-infused bath, and massage oil. The meditation prowess of Amethyst is well-known to anyone who is into meditation, and you could set her on activating her heart chakra. If she leans towards the spiritual, you might want to get this for her.

Candle – Champagne & Strawberries

diffusers, home scents, home decor, gifts, valentines day gifts by black-owned business

This hand-poured 100% natural soy wax from DIVINE HOME SCENTS is genuinely divine; it has an irresistible aromatic combination of champagne and strawberries that can transform the ambiance wherever she is. This gift is elegant. She will love it if she has a soft spot for luxurious fragrance. Free delivery in the UK, so don’t wait till it’s late to make an order.

White Ceramic Oil & Wax Melt Burner

wax melt burner, wax melts, valentines gifts, candles

You turn up the heat when you get her this gift. This beautifully designed ceramic with love cut out on it is a constant reminder of your affection that is sure to give her house a relaxed and refreshed feel.  

You and Me Romantic Nights of Intimacy Game

romantic games, couples intimacy games, valentines gifts

You sure will love this one! If you’re looking for Valentine’s gift for her that goes both ways, then you should get the You and Me Romantic Nights of Intimacy Game. With a dice, sand timer, and a set of interesting choices available, you and your lover get to engage in an intimate game while enjoying a rather sensual session. Oh, and you would want to be the first to reach the winning ten points because whoever wins gets an ultimate wish fulfilled by their partner. 

Gifts for Him 

Even though men also appreciate a gift’s thoughtfulness, finding the right Valentine’s gift to express the right emotion can be difficult. Here are some options you should consider. 

Mr. Perfect Gift Box

gifts for him, valentines gifts for him, gifts for husband, gifts for boyfriend

Is he perfect? If the answer is yes, you should pamper him with this box of delicious treats and a set of bath items. Watch how excited he gets when he opens his Valentine’s Day gift. Place your order now and enjoy free delivery in the UK. 

Beard Grooming Kit

beard care, beard grooming kit, gifts for him, valentines gifts for him

Can’t help but run your fingers through his beard? Well, this thoughtful gift will leave his beard soft and free from any irritation. This upgraded beard grooming kit, made with 100% natural and organic products, is packed with minerals and essential vitamins that induce hair growth. With a beard conditioner cream and beard oil, the Beard Growth Kit has argan and baobab oil properties that make hair soft, glossier, and nourished. 

Card Holder

Card holder, wallet, african print card holder, kente print, ankara print

This Ankara/Kente cardholder is made with vegan leather to provide a firm surface that is still soft to touch and waterproof. You can personalise it with his initials at the wallet’s corner and choose between two available designs. He is sure to love this. 

Cufflinks Rob

cufflinks, gifts for him, kente cufflinks, ankara cufflinks

Few gifts say “don’t stop looking dapper, Sir,” like a pair of cufflinks. These ethnic looking cufflinks personify black excellence. With Kente, red, and black options available, you can surely leave him smiling on Valentine’s Day.

Valentine Cards

For some of us, the written word still holds an inexplicable allure. If you are like that, Wakuda has some of the best Valentine Cards from black-owned businesses you can find in the UK. Make Valentine’s Day memorable with love notes on beautifully designed cards to get him smiling. With unique designs and captions, you sure won’t go wrong with these cards.

Luxury Greeting Card

pink heart card, valentines card, greeting card by black-owned business

It is blank inside to express your thoughts in your own words because sometimes you need to do the talking. These pink hearts luxury greeting cards are made by a black business owner who splits every sale between a food bank in the UK and a women’s cooperative in Ghana. Impressive. 

Greeting Card for Couples

valentines card by black businesses

Designed with two intertwined hearts and a “Love Always” caption, this is a great Valentine’s Day gift idea for reminding someone that you still love them.

‘Be Mine’ Valentine’s Card

valentine's cards by black-owned business

Celebrate Valentine’s with this cute bear and a red heart design with the inscription “Be Mine.” A simple yet straightforward way to declare your love. 

LOVE Valentine’s Card

black love, black greeting card, black valentines card

These cards feature a couple on a pearlised Valentine’s card, and you get options with couples of different racial backgrounds. You sure won’t go wrong with these uniquely designed cards.

There is a lot of love in the air in February, especially on Valentine’s Day. Let your loved ones know you cherish them, and you can say it best with gifts from Wakuda, a proudly black-owned business.

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