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The Top 10 Health Benefits of Sea Moss

Sea moss has fast become the latest superfood health craze. While it’s a new fad, it’s been part of the human diet for thousands of years. This is because it offers a great source of protein and nutrients. Also known as Irish sea moss, there are plenty of benefits to introducing it into your diet. In this article, we’ll cover the top 10 health benefits of consuming sea moss. Also, if you’ve wondered where can I buy sea moss in the UK, we’ll give you links to some UK black-owned businesses that sell Irish sea moss.

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The top 10 health benefits of sea moss

Sea moss is believed to contain several important nutrients in ideal concentrations. However, it’s also worth noting that scientific research into the health benefits of sea moss is currently lacking. 

By this, we mean that there have been scientific tests into its health benefits, but they’ve either been small clinical trials or they’ve used different kinds of sea moss. As a result, it’s important to not go over the recommended daily intake of any of the vital nutrients found in sea moss.

Here are the top 10 health benefits of sea moss:

  1. Sea moss contains trace levels of iodine

Sea moss contains iodine, although levels will vary depending on the product. Iodine is an essential nutrient for proper thyroid health, which helps to control metabolism.

Irish sea moss contains roughly 20% of your RDA of iodine, which makes it a great way to supplement your intake from other sources.

  1. It also contains iron

Iron deficiency is very common in the UK, particularly in those who don’t eat animal products. Sea moss is a great source of iron because it contains more than 9 times the amount found in animal products. 

  1. Sea moss contains a wealth of other nutrients

What’s more, Irish sea moss contains over 90% of the essential nutrients required by the human body. These include vitamin B, beta-carotene, sulfur, magnesium, and more. This makes it a great natural food supplement.

  1. Sea moss can help promote weight loss

While this is related to its iodine levels, it deserves a point of its own. Your thyroid helps to regulate energy levels and by extension weight loss. However, too much iodine can have a negative effect, so check with a doctor before using sea moss as a weight loss supplement.

  1. It contains anti-inflammatories

Sea moss is also a great source of potassium chloride, which is a powerful anti-inflammatory. In turn, this helps your body to fight off minor infections by increasing immune response.

  1. Sea moss is a rich source of protein

Better yet, sea moss contains 6g of protein per 100g. This is a pretty high density for a plant and is therefore a useful supplement for those building muscle or eating an all-plant diet.

  1. Irish sea moss contains taurine

Similarly, sea moss is a good source of taurine. You might know of this from energy drinks, but taurine is an amino acid used to burn fat and build muscle. Being able to get it from a healthy source is therefore useful for gym-goers.

  1. It can help improve your gut

Sea moss comes in many forms, one of which is mucilaginous gel. In short, this coats the inside of your bowels (in a good way) and makes it much, much easier to go to the toilet.

  1. Sea moss can improve your skin

The anti-inflammatory properties of sea moss also make it good for the skin. You can make a facemask out of the gel, which will draw toxins from the skin while also hydrating it.

  1. It’s good for post-workout fatigue

Sea moss is made from collagen proteins, which are useful for repairing muscle. Irish sea moss is ideal for taking after a workout because it’ll quickly stimulate the repair of muscles and connective tissue.

Buy your sea moss from a UK black-owned business

You might be wondering, “Where can I buy sea moss in the UK?” Well, we’ve got you covered. Buy your sea moss from a UK black-owned business to help support independent retailers. What’s more, it’ll guarantee it’s come from a small business that supports its local community.

  1. Sea Moss Fertility Blend

seamoss fertility blend, top tips of seamoss, where can i buy seamoss in the UK, seamoss by a black-owned business

The Moss Place produces a natural fertility blend made from sea moss and several other essential ingredients. It helps to support proper kidney and liver function, stimulates mucous membranes in the cervix, and improves hormonal balance.

  1. Irish Sea Moss

irish seamoss, irish moss, where can i get irish moss in the UK, irish moss by a black-owned business

This product from Itofan Natural Health is simply Irish sea moss in its natural form. You might find this one of the best ways to buy the product because it allows you to get all the health benefits from sea moss in whatever way you want.

  1. 1.5L Sea Moss Drink and Gel Bundle

seamoss drink, where can i buy seamoss in the uk, top health benefits of seamoss, seamoss by a black-owned business

The Moss Place also produce a sea moss drink, which is another easy way to get all of the product’s nutrients. In the pack you get a 1.5L bottle of sea moss drink flavoured with lemon and ginger, and a 300ml jar of sea moss gel. This gives you plenty of options for how to use it.

  1. Bespoke Sea Moss Gels

flavoured sea moss gels, bespoke sea moss gels, where can i buy sea moss from in the uk, sea moss by a black-owned business, health benefits of sea moss

You can’t go wrong with these bespoke sea moss gels from Moss Place. You can choose from a range of 6 flavours in 3 sizes, and they contain up to 102 essential nutrients! This is an incredible blend you’re unlikely to find elsewhere.

  1. Sea Moss Drink with Bladderwrack and Burdock Root

sea moss drink, black-owned sea moss

The Moss Place have come in again with an infused sea moss drink. This contains bladderwrack and burdock root, which are also known for their nutrient levels and anti-inflammatory properties. An infused drink is another really easy way to ingest these high levels of nutrients.

6. Chakra Sea Moss Gel – Plain

chakra sea moss, sea moss, black-owned, sea moss gel

The plain Chakra Sea Moss Gel come in two other colours, green and purple. Sea moss gels are great, you can eat them straight out of the jar or you can add them to your smoothies, porridge or even hot drinks. It’s recommended that you take 2 spoonfuls a day to get the full daily benefits from your sea moss gel.

7.  Chakra Sea Moss Gel – Infused

infused sea moss gel

This product is also by Chakra Sea Moss Gel. If you want to add a bit of flavour to your sea moss gel, look no further. There are six flavours you can get from this black-owned business. If you are new to sea moss then adding a bit of flavour is a great way to help you ease your way into adding sea moss to your diet.


Hopefully, you can now see the massive range of health benefits of sea moss. If you’re looking to buy some, do so from a UK black-owned business. This will help to support independent businesses and local communities. You can also browse Wakuda for more products.

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