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Who is Lonnie Johnson?

Now Christmas is over and all the presents and the toys have been packed away, you may have come across a super soaker in the midst. Am I right? You know those water guns that are a hit with the kids but a headache for the parents?
Well, a brilliant black inventor named Lonnie Johnson invented it.

lonnie johnson

Lonnie Johnson worked for NASA and has earned numerous awards for his spacecraft control systems; however, he is best known and loved for inventing the Super Soaker in 1989. Johnson got the inspiration whilst he was working on an eco-friendly heat pump, aware of the need for environmental sustainability, therefore you could say his invention was a happy accident!

The super soaker has gone on to be one of the top-selling toys in the world, selling billions! This shows Johnson was ahead of the game in terms of future sustainability for the planet and also one heck of an inventor! The Super Soaker has since been adapted into the Nerf gun which I’m sure you’ve also all heard of! Lonnie Johnson created several Nerf gun products in the 1990s and still has some involvement to this day. Lonnie Johnson is an amazing scientist and the owner of many companies.
Ultimately his greatest success is the super soaker which is now a staple toy in households around the world.

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I think it’s vital black inventors are celebrated. If kids can see people who look like them creating and achieving, this will hopefully inspire them to do the same!
If you want to know more about Lonnie Johnson and other incredible black inventors and figures then check out my educational book available on Wakuda – Happy reading!

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