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Why Personalised Gifts Make the Best Presents

Customised presents are a surprisingly easy way of adding extra thought to a gift. Considering the only effort you need to put in when you choose to give personalised gifts is to buy from the right place, there’s almost no reason why you shouldn’t!

Below, we’ll cover the reasons why personalised gifts are the best. As part of this, we’ll highlight our favourite customised presents from the personalised gift business we have on Wakuda.

1. Personalised gifts are more creative

Although some people love giving gifts, others can find it difficult to stay creative considering how many gift-giving events there are in a year. Choosing special personalised gifts is a way of keeping things interesting, particularly for holidays such as Mother’s Day or a birthday.

For example, this personalised Mother’s Day mug from Bubblegum Blush is perfect for giving your mum a creative present that makes her know how much you love her.

Dark shade personalised mug

2. Customised presents are unique

Another big benefit of choosing to give personalised gifts is that they’re unique. Even if it’s as simple as putting someone’s name on something, it sets it apart from other presents they might receive.

This personalised name necklace from Senero is just that: unique. It’s a fairly simple premise – a necklace with the person’s name on it. But it’s also personal to them and is a very popular idea for personalised gifting and is very well received!

Personalised Name Necklace Ada

3. Personalised presents can be kept forever

Sure, we might aim to keep all our gifts forever, but it’s fair to say some are worth keeping more than others. For example, you might want to remember being asked to be in someone’s bridal party.

If so, these party glass flutes from Kustomyzed are perfect. They can be engraved with the person’s name and party role. This makes them suitable for the big day (and the hen party) but also as a valuable keepsake for the future.

Kustomyzed Decorative Bridal Party Glass Flutes - Maid of Honour

4. Custom gifts are thoughtful

Sending special personalised gifts is an easy way to show you’ve put a lot of thought into someone’s present. After all, personalising a gift isn’t too difficult and highlights how you’ve gone a step further than simply buying a present.


There are loads of personalised gifts that illustrate the extra thought you’ve put into something. An interesting option is this Black yogi notebook from Black to My Roots. Buying someone a notebook is already a good present, but it gets even better if you have their name printed on the front. It makes it more personal and shows you’ve gone the extra mile to find them something they’ll love.

Aligning Thoughts & Actions Black Yogi Notebook

5. Personalised presents are suitable for everyone

Personalising a present is suitable for everyone because it’ll literally be personal to them. As such, nothing is stopping you from buying a personalised present to friends, family, or loved ones.

Something like this embroidered dressing gown from Kustomyzed might be a curve ball in terms of personalised gifts, but it’d work for anyone. Plus, you could give it as part of a larger present (such as a spa day or bath set) to add an extra level of thought to the present.

Personalised Dressing Gown

Choosing Customised Presents for Your Friends and Family

Hopefully, we’ve shown why choosing to give personalised gifts is a good idea. It doesn’t require a lot of extra work on the giver’s side, but the result is something far more memorable that’ll instantly become a treasured classic.

Here at Wakuda, we’re big believers in personalised or customised gifts. Along with the options we’ve given above, why not check out our whole personalised gifts category for even more options? You’ll be spoilt for choice for pretty much anyone in your life.

Nathaniel Wade
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