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What are the Meanings of Different Crystals and Their Properties?

Metaphysical crystals are associated with healing of the body and mind, as well as other calming and wellness properties. If you find yourself asking, what do different crystals mean, then you’re in the right place.

Below is a list of healing crystals along with some of the other most powerful crystals. We’ll give you a small taste of what we sell at Wakuda, and you’ll have to discover the rest for yourself!

A Brief History of Crystals for Healing

We won’t go over the complete history of crystals, as people have written whole books about that. What’s worth noting is that the use of crystals dates back to at least 4000 BC from ancient Sumer. 

Crystals for healing popped up in ancient Greece, Rome, and Arabia. From the 16th century onwards, crystals became associated with maths (specifically geometry), which is where much of modern metaphysics comes from.

The bottom line is that crystals for healing have a long history. Some of the most powerful crystals are still used for this purpose today, whereas others have had their properties adopted by different branches of the sciences.

What Do Different Crystals Mean?

It’s worth pointing out that we won’t be able to go over a complete list of crystals for healing and other purposes, as there are so many! Instead, we’ll look at what are the most powerful crystals and some of the most popular for healing and gift-giving.

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is seen as one of the most powerful crystals for creating love and trust. As such, it’s often given as a gift to loved ones in the form of jewellery. Alternatively, you could give it in a crystal candle, such as this Positive Vybz Rose Quartz Aromatherapy Crystal Candle from Aroma Blends. Burning a candle with crystals inside helps to radiate its energy throughout the room, creating a more loving space.

But if you want something a bit more direct, this Goddess Self-Love Ritual Set from Vibrations of a Goddess has you covered. It a Large Rose Quartz Statement Necklace.

Positive Vybz Rose Quartz Aromatherapy Crystal Candle

Black Onyx

Black onyx is often associated with both mental and spiritual guidance, and is typically used for peace in trying times. It’s most effective when combined with something like howlite, which promotes feelings of calm. You can find both in this bracelet from Lydia Andrew, which helps keep the crystals close to you at all times.

Handmade Black Onyx and Howlite Bracelet with Ankh Charm


Rather than being crystals for healing, jade is more about protection and purification. It’s believed to promote luck and self-sufficiency, making it a popular one for wearing during professional endeavours.


Carnelian is one of the most powerful crystals for boosting energy and vitality. It’s meant to protect you from anger while also encouraging positivity.

Strawberry Quartz

Like rose quartz, strawberry quartz is most commonly associated with love and compassion. It often appears on lists of healing crystals because it helps promote spiritual awakening and feelings of positivity.

If you want to carry positive vibes around with you, Vibrations of a Goddess has a wide range of crystal chip bracelets. You’ll find all the ones listed above and much more, so it shouldn’t be difficult to find the most powerful crystals for your needs.

Himalayan Salt

While salt isn’t a gemstone in the same way as other entries on this list of healing crystals, it’s often used as a natural air cleanser. It works best when combined with an energy source, such as a light bulb or candle. This Himalayan salt tealight holder from Black to My Roots is a perfect example of how this works. It adds negative ions back into the air in your home, which helps keep it cleaner.

Choosing the Most Powerful Crystals

This is by no means an exhaustive list of crystals for healing, as there are almost too many to count. But to answer the question, what is the most powerful crystal, the answer is often rose quartz. It ticks a lot of boxes for healing and wellness, so make sure you get some in your life!

But if you want a more extensive list of healing crystals, check out Wakuda’s crystals category. We’ve got plenty on offer, so get shopping!


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