Why sell on Wakuda?

It’s FREE to list on Wakuda

You can list an unlimited number of products and you are only charged a 10% fee when you make a sale. Risk free!

Get Masterclasses and Training

Get it from Industry experts as well as receiving bespoke support to optimise your offerings.

No contracts!

You’re free to sell on any other marketplace as well as Wakuda. Our mission is to empower and support you. Your success is our success.

On Etsy or Shopify?

Upload all your products at once and sync your stock levels with our store integration tool.

Get seen by thousands of eyes!

Create your own store when you register

This eliminates the cost of purchasing a domain, developing a website and getting people to your store.

We don't Compete with Sellers

We don't sell any products on our platform as our efforts are focused on promoting your products.


As one of our core missions is to spotlight UK black-owned businesses and creatives we utilise our innovative partnerships to do this. Some of our current partners have been featured in the below media

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