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10 Home and Living Ideas You Will Love

Decorating your home is something everyone should take pride in. Your home is somewhere that you spend so much of your life, so it makes sense to create a space that encompasses and represents everything you love. 

However, a lot of different things can go into creating the perfect, cosy place we call home. We’re going to take a look at great home decor ideas that you will love, from candles to wall art. 

And yes, you can buy many of these items directly from Wakuda, our community marketplace for the UK’s best Black-owned businesses. Now, let’s dive in. 


Nothing quite creates a cosy space like candles do. Candles can add a warm and inviting glow to your home, be it your living room or even bathroom as they are perfect for creating a relaxing atmosphere. They’re also perfect for adding a touch of aromatherapy to your self-care routine, such as the Shunga Massage Green Tea Candle

ideas for the home

Plus, with so many decorative candle holders and accessories available, candles can be an easy and affordable way to elevate your home decor. For example, the Pink Himalayan Salt Pyramid Oil Burner comes with an oil burner that sits on the top of the salt pyramid. This allows you to heat scented oils in the top as well as enjoy the gorgeous glow from the pink himalayan salt crystal.  

Wall art

Wall art is a wonderful way to decorate your home with a burst of colour and vibrancy. These can be a great way to decorate the interior of virtually any room in the house, from your living room to your bedroom. From statement-making pictures to abstract graphics, wall art and prints can really lift a room. 

Blessed & Highly Favoured Art Print

Here at Wakuda we stock a wide range of Black-owned art, made by Black artists with uplifting and inspiring messages. For example, the Blessed and Highly Favoured print is an empowering image of a Black woman that celebrates our beauty and culture. Decorating your home has never been easier!


Lampshades come in a wide range of materials, shapes, and sizes, which means that you’re sure to find the perfect one to suit your decor. Whether you’re looking to create a warm, cosy atmosphere or a bright, vibrant space, a lampshade can help you achieve your desired effect. 

Plus, the ability to swap out lampshades for different seasons or occasions makes them a versatile and budget-friendly accessory for any home. 

african print lampshade

Try decorating your home with our African Inspired Lampshade from My Ankara Love. Each lampshade is handmade which gives them a really nice, personal touch. 

Table runners

Decorate your dining room with a fantastically colourful and vibrant table runner. We stock some truly gorgeous, African-inspired table runners that are designed with different African Prints. 

The African Print Table Runner and Napkins Set from Kala X is the perfect choice for any special occasion. This set is available in red and Black for an eye-catching, colourful display. 

Neon Table Runner & Napkin Set - African Mud Cloth, Ntoma, Ankara

Alternatively, we also stock the Neon Table Runner and Napkin Set from The Copper Fruit which is made from African Ankara cloth for an authentic look and feel. Perfect for occasions from a loved one’s birthday to your standard Saturday night.  


Mugs are a beloved home and living staple, providing both practicality and personality. With a plethora of designs, materials, and sizes available, mugs can add a fun and functional touch to any kitchen or dining area. They’re perfect for sipping your morning coffee and can also serve as decorative pieces on open shelves or coffee tables. Check out the Headwrap Mugs by Colourshot, available in a range of different colours allowing you to find the perfect one for your style and decor. 

headwrap mugs, mugs, wakuda, headwraps, black-owned


Coasters are the unsung heroes of furniture protection. They’re the first line of defence against spills, stains, and other potential damages caused by drinks or other items. However, whilst they’re great at protecting your furniture, they also serve another important role which shouldn’t be overlooked. Coasters are a great way to inject a touch of your personal style into any living space, especially with His and Hers Couple Coasters which feature a classic design of African mud cloth fabric.

coasters, home ideas


Vases are a great way to add a bit of colour and life to a room, whether it’s from the flowers to the exceptional craftsmanship of the vase itself. The handmade Round Orange Decorative Vase from Unveiling Beauty is an excellent addition to any room, adding a burst of bright orange to brighten up your space. Whether this vase goes on your shelves in the living room or as the centrepiece on the table in the dining room, it is sure to catch an eye or two. 

Round Orange Decorative Vase, black pound day, wakuda, black-owned


Whilst furniture itself is an essential part of the design of your home interior, don’t discredit the accessories you use alongside them! Decorating your house with cushions is a fantastic way to show off a bit of personality and charm. Liven up the sofas in your living room with a Personalised Lady Headscarf Cushion Cover to really help make a space your own. For your outdoor chair and sofas, we’ve also got you covered too with the Wax Print Garden Set Cushions, a collection of lively looking cushions that you can match alongside your garden or patio decor.

Personalised Lady Headscarf Name Cushion Cover

Guérewol African Statues

Decorating your home with handmade Guérewol African Statues is an incredible way to make a bold statement in any room. These statues are an amazing addition to any interior, infusing your space with a touch of African heritage. 

Guérewol Statues

African Print Bunting

Whilst bunting may not be the first thing you think of when you think of interior design, it certainly is an easy way to decorate a room and bring some vibrancy. Ideal for any type of birthday or celebration, African Print Bunting provides a burst of colour alongside traditional African-Inspired designs. We also stock Personalised African Print Bunting which can be designed to spell a person’s name – perfect for celebrating that special someone on a birthday or graduation!

Personalised African Print Bunting


We’re here to show you that you don’t need to be an interior designer to create an amazingly cosy home that you’re proud of. Our range of Black-owned home decor products can help to create a wide range of different atmospheres and styles no matter your preference. We hope these home decor ideas have helped to inspire the imagination and help you on your way to creating your perfect home. For any more questions, please do contact us and our friendly team will be happy to assist however you need!

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