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5 fun ways to use flashcards to support your child at home

Hey, I’m Tinuke and I am mother and founder of Learning with Ez – specialising in diverse educational resources for babies and toddlers because representation matters for all. 

Learning with Ez is passionate about helping Black and Brown children feel proud, respected and validated but we also care about showing children from other backgrounds what the world looks like around them. We are raising the future and must be intentional about what they are learning!

In today’s blog we will be exploring the benefits of flashcards as well as how to incorporate them into your home learning with your toddlers and babies.

Teaching children with flashcards may have a bit of a bad rep, with some critics calling it dull or even harmful. However, used in the right way, flashcards are fun and engaging and there are actually many surprising benefits to incorporating them into your home learning. Flashcards can help children learn new concepts that incorporate the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)  and develop their memory and cognitive skills. They can also be customised to suit a child’s individual learning needs and pace. So if you’re looking for a way to make learning at home more interactive and effective, look no further!

  • What are the benefits of using flashcards with children?
  • What age can you use flashcards from?
  • 5 fun ways to use flashcards with your children

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What are the benefits of using flashcards with children?

Research has shown that flashcards are an effective way to boost learning and retention in early childhood education. One of the most apparent benefits of flashcards is that they give kids a quick and effective way to learn new concepts. They are an excellent option for teachers and parents who are busy because they are simple to make and use

Flashcards are also an excellent method for teaching children new vocabulary and concepts. Flashcards help children understand and remember new information by breaking complex ideas down into simple, bite-sized chunks. They can provide visual cues to help children understand the meaning of new words, which is especially beneficial for children who are just learning to read.

Flashcards allow children to practise and review what they have learned. Children can reinforce their understanding of new concepts and vocabulary by using flashcards on a regular basis. This helps to cement their learning and increases the likelihood that they will remember the information in the long run.

To get the most out of flashcards it’s important to use them in a variety of ways. You can change the order of the cards and use various methods, such as interactive games and hands-on activities to make it more engaging for the children.

What age can you use flashcards from?

Flashcards can help children of all ages, from newborns to right up to adults!

According to research, flashcards designed specifically for babies as young as six months old can benefit their visual and sensory development. 

Baby sensory flashcards are a great way to introduce your children to different shapes, colours, and patterns, and they can help with their cognitive, social, and emotional development from a young age. If you want to boost your baby’s brainpower or help your toddler learn new words and concepts, flashcards can be a valuable tool for both parents and educators. So to answer the question, you can start using them as soon as your little one is born!

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5 fun ways to use flashcards with your children

Matching games

Matching games are one of the most popular ways to use flashcards for toddlers. This is a simple game that requires only a few cards to play. Simply place a set of flashcards with pictures or words on them on the floor and have your toddler match them up. This is a great way to introduce new vocabulary and concepts to toddlers, and it’s also a lot of fun.

Memory games

A memory game is another enjoyable flashcard activity for toddlers. This game can be played with a larger set of flashcards and is a great way to reinforce what your toddler already knows. Simply place a set of flashcards face down on the floor or table and have your child take turns flipping them over and trying to remember where each card is.

Toys and Flashcards

Playing with toys and flashcards is another enjoyable activity. For example, you could give the toddler flashcards with different animals on them and have him or her match them with the corresponding toy animal. This can be an excellent way to teach your child about various animals and their characteristics.

Teaching Emotions:

Using flashcards to teach children about emotions is an excellent way to develop emotional intelligence and social skills. You can use flashcards to show your child pictures of various facial expressions and help them identify the corresponding emotion. This activity is especially beneficial for young children who may struggle to recognise and express their own emotions. Children can develop empathy for others and better understand and manage their own feelings by practising identifying emotions through pictures.

Story Telling

Using flashcards to tell stories can be a creative and fun way to encourage your child’s imagination and storytelling abilities. You can make a story prompt out of flashcards by arranging a series of cards with different images on them, such as a house, a cat, a tree, and a person. You can have your child look at the cards and make up a story that connects all of the images.

Learning starts at home and at Learning with Ez, we have the perfect inclusive resources to encourage spending quality time with your little ones while engaging in fun activities that use the EYFS (Early Year Foundation Stage) as its backbone.

When I  had my son over five years ago, I searched for educational resources that reflected what my son looked like and found nothing. Since launching in 2020, I have been on a mission to change this with a dream of helping children around the world feel represented in their learning. I hope this blog helps you become more confident using flashcards at home; check us out for more resources to help you incorporate all of these strategies!

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