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How to Establish a Consistent Self-Care Nighttime Routine

Are you having difficulty falling asleep? Do you feel drained from the moment you wake up? Or do you simply want to set aside some me-time each night? Luckily, we’re here to help. 

Here’s our guide to finding the best self-care nighttime routine to help you get enough sleep to be the best you. 

But don’t fall asleep just yet. We’re just getting started!

What Is a Nighttime Routine?

A nighttime or bedtime routine is a set of things you do before you fall asleep every night. These activities are there to calm you, rest your mind, and prepare you for the best night’s sleep possible. 

Bedtime routines are important. They create positive habits that ultimately lead to a more positive outcome. You’ll have better skin, increased sleep quality, lower anxiety, and positive habits you can keep for life.  

By doing this nightly routine before you fall asleep, your brain becomes accustomed to doing them before a good night’s rest. This sends a signal to the brain saying, “it’s nearly sleep time; we are winding down.”

Do you often lie in bed with thoughts racing? That’s what a bedtime routine tries to avoid. The repetitive nature of the activities takes the brain from 100 to zero quicker than most medications. 

So, what can you do to ensure your nighttime routine sets you up for a great night’s sleep and a positive start to the next day?

Try Out This Routine Before Bed

Unwind from your day with a relaxing bath

A warm bath is great for those that need to improve their sleep quality. Firstly, your muscles relax, so any stress you carry in your body lets go. 

Secondly, when you jump out of the bath, your body temperature returns to normal. This can cause a sleepy effect. 

It’s best to try a bath first because it needs to be at least one hour before you sleep to give your body temperature a chance to regulate. 

And one of the best things about a bath is the added frills that really can help you relax. 

For example, this Remineralizing Bath Blend uses anti-inflammatory ingredients that will help relax the muscles. The essential oils also help invigorate the senses keeping you calm and your skin feeling fantastic. The Himalayan sea salt, Arnica, and coconut oil make this bath salt a must-try for better sleep. 

Another relaxing bath companion is this Natural Homemade Face & Body Moisturising Exfoliating Scrub-Lavender.

Lavender is a tried and tested relaxing scent that works for restful sleep. Additionally, the whipped sugar will make your skin super soft and moisturised. 

Pamper yourself with relaxing cosmetics

Once you’re all squeaky clean and chilled, it’s time to focus on your skincare routine. This is by far one of the most relaxing activities you can do before bed. 

First things first, you need to start with a blank canvas. That means washing your face with a natural, non-toxic face wash. Look for one with mostly natural ingredients for a gentle cleanse. 

However, your skincare routine isn’t just about your face. This Hair, Skin and Nail oil is a game changer. It contains all the natural vitamins your body needs to help hair and nail growth, rejuvenate the skin, and leave you feeling supremely moisturised. 

Nothing beats getting into bed with squeaky clean pyjamas with all your moisturisers and oils on the skin. It’s like gliding on a cloud into your happy place. 

The absolute best fabric for this feeling is silk. It is light, smooth, and breathable. This Matte satin pyjama set comes in various colours and styles to suit your needs. 

You’ll fall asleep with a pyjama set that works with your moisturised skin to keep you comfortable. 

Light a soothing candle

Using candles for relaxation is about as old as the hills. Candles not only create a relaxing ambience but, if they’re scented, can help relax your senses too. 

Some popular scents for relaxation include chamomile, lavender, and jasmine. So, grab your sage to cleanse the room, light your candle, and soak in the dancing light. 

This Lunar Candle with Moonstone is the perfect way to release negative energy. You can enjoy the gorgeous jasmine and Arabian musk aromas. The candle draws on the moon’s cleansing energy using Moonstone and Labradorite. 

If you’re into following moon phases and how they affect your body, this candle will do you a world of good. 

Make your bed a tranquil oasis

If you’re working from your bed during the day, you carry all that work stress straight into a space meant for relaxing and recharging. 

Your bed is your private space that acts as a haven. It should always remain the one place you can go to get healthy sleep that reinvigorates you. 

One way to do this is to ensure your bed has all the things you need to make you relaxed and comfortable. Work with colours and fabrics to make the space your own. 

There are a few ways to make the bed more personal — even if you’re renting. Drapes can add a whole different feeling. Lighting is also a go-to for changing things up. 

More importantly, your bedding is a great way to make your bed perfect for you. You’ll get all your sleep in your bedding, so it needs to be comfortable. We recommend this Satin Pillowcase to get a good night’s sleep. The fabric is breathable while being gentle on hair and skin. 

The satin works exceptionally well for natural curly hair too. It doesn’t cause breakage as cotton pillowcases can. Plus, satin isn’t high maintenance like other silky fabrics. 

Satin reduces friction, which is vital to protecting hair and skin follicles. Damaged skin can cause a load of issues like acne. That’s why it’s best to use soft fabrics that move with the skin rather than pulling at it. 

Journal about your day and reflect

Journaling is a wonderful way to destress after a busy day. You can write down your thoughts, things you want to improve on, and a to-do list.

This clears your mind and allows you to look at things that might be bothering you in black and white. 

It’s important not to go back to a screen for journaling. Before you go to bed, blue light from screens can lead to sleep disorders.

Plus, things are often easier to work through when you see them in your own handwritten words. Trust us; if you haven’t journaled before, it’s time to start. 

A fantastic option is the Aligning Thoughts & Actions Black Yogi Notebook. It provides the space to journal and plan in one A5 book. Plus, you can personalise the journal with up to 12 characters, truly making it your own. 

So, curl up with your journal and add extra comfort with the Lavender Sachet Duo. These are comforting heat pads with added lavender fragrance to get those dreams flowing. 

How to Stick to a Nighttime Routine

Getting into a consistent bedtime routine can sound like a hassle, but you won’t be sorry. Countless studies show how well bedtime routines work to better sleep and overall wellness. 

The biggest thing is to stick to it. Once you’ve started, it’s important not to skip a day because you’re too tired. This leaves the door open for excuses. 

It helps to see your bedtime routine as something that is for your health. It’s a necessity and not a choice. You need to stick with it for your well-being to prevent poor sleep. 

It’s so easy to skip these types of things when it’s for ourselves. Stop! It’s perfectly fine to put yourself first, even if it’s only for an hour a day. Take your bedtime routine as a chance to recharge. 

So, get your routine going with things that work for you. If you don’t enjoy a bath, take a shower. If journaling isn’t your thing, try meditating. 

It’s all about what works to make you comfortable and happy (minus the screens).


What is the best bedtime routine? 

There is no one size fits all. You should do things that you find relaxing. Our top picks are taking a bath, getting a good skincare routine, making your bedroom calm, and journaling. 

How to establish a bedtime routine

Once you know what to do for your good sleep routine, you need to get going and stick to it. If you can only spare 30 minutes, then do that. But generally, an hour is a reasonable amount of time. Add it to your to-do list if you have to.

What can I do to relax before bed? 

Take a bath, light candles, get into cosy pyjamas, apply skincare, listen to relaxing music, and journal. 

Our Final Thoughts

Having a good bedtime routine is a great way to destress and unwind from your day. It gives you a chance to feel relaxed and renewed. 

We hope our guide helps you find the ideal bedtime routine for a good night’s rest. But the point is to find calming activities that work for your sleeping habits.

So, say goodbye to sleep problems. Sweet dreams are heading your way!

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