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Supporting Black-Owned Businesses for Black History Month

Supporting Black-Owned Businesses for Black History Month

Black history month in the UK is a perfect time to celebrate Black-owned businesses and championing Black entrepreneurship.

Wakuda is a Black-owned business supporting other Black-led small businesses in the UK. So, we understand the allure of entrepreneurship and the bitter realities that we often face because of ethnicity.

So, we wanted a space that would truly help to support Black businesses and overcome some of the initial stumbling blocks that we face when starting and growing a business.

Black entrepreneurship is often overlooked

BAME entrepreneurs are championing diversity in the small business sector and across industries. But BAME is a catch-all for all ethnicities that are not white. And as such, the fact that BAME access to capital is increasing, it’s not reflective of the realities for Black entrepreneurs and business owners.

Black-owned businesses often find it difficult to get investment and financial support to start or grow their business – and it has been evident during the pandemic. Whether it’s a small business or a start-up venture, access to capital for a Black-led business is not easy.

But, our pounds are strong, and in shopping with Black-owned businesses, we can give the Black community a necessary injection of capital to improve their product and service offerings.

Supporting Black Businesses

The international Black Lives Matter protests have sparked renewed interest in the Black community. And with October being Black History Month in the UK, it is important that we remember to support our fellow business owners.

Supporting Black businesses doesn’t always have to be about buying. There are simple things you can do to help your fellow business owners to thrive.

Sharing a post from a Black-owned business is a great way to get their products or services in front of another audience.

Found a gem of a product from a Black business? Or received excellent service? Don’t keep it to yourself. Write a review on their social media business page or Google Business page if they have one.

Follow their social media pages and engage with their content. A simple thing as liking a post or leaving a comment does help to increase the visibility of the business.

The pounds help. But there is so much more we can do collectively to increase the earning potential within the Black community and give Black businesses a chance to thrive.

Are you a Black Business Owner?

We know that as a small Black business owner, it can be difficult to break into the market. You may also not have the budget for your own e-commerce website plus all the necessary marketing to support an independent site.

That’s where Wakuda comes in. We aim to empower the Black business community and give consumers an easily accessible avenue to support Black-led businesses.

If you’re a Black business owner who sells products in the UK, then we invite you to list on Wakuda. We help amazing small Black brands and businesses get in front of a large audience to help you sell your products.

So, for this UK Black History Month, give your business a boost and start growing your brand with Wakuda. And support Black businesses whenever, however you can.

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