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The 3-Step Process to Developing a Perfect Skincare Routine

A good skincare routine requires three things, a proven process, consistency, and the right skincare products

Let’s quickly run through the process of creating a skincare routine that will bring a glow to your beautiful complexion. 

1. Creating a process for your skincare

A good skincare routine has three basic steps – Cleansing, Toning, and Moisturising.


Cleansing is pretty straightforward – that’s washing your face. 

And no, water alone won’t cut it. As you go about your business daily, there will be impurities in the air, dirt, dead skin, blackheads, and so much more affecting your skin. All these pollutants need to be carefully removed for the health of your skin. 

Washing your skin twice-daily – in the morning and at night – helps you get rid of clogged pores and improve the look and feel of your skin.


Toning is about balancing your skin and is done right after cleansing. Toning had often meant using harsh astringents with a high alcohol content. 

Today, most toners are a lot less harsh but still quite effective at removing any dead skin cells or other impurities left after cleansing. Now, as a rule of thumb, when looking for good toners, they should also include properties to boost the hydration of your skin, reduce any irritation you may feel, and where possible, help you to fight free radicals. 

In terms of adding toners to your routine, most are gentle enough for twice-daily use. If you have any of the harsher variety, it’s best to stick to once daily, preferably in the evening before bed.


Hydrating your skin is the final step of a good skincare routine. (If you use a serum, this will come before the moisturising phase).

No matter your skin type, a moisturiser is a must for a healthy, well-balanced, and softer skin. It’s also necessary to improve elasticity and reduce the formation of wrinkles.

As we age, it becomes more difficult for our skin to retain moisture. This is further aggravated by our cleansing practices. As such, we need topical products to help us retain the moisture. 

2. Consistency equals improved skin health

Now that you know the three basic steps in a skincare process, let’s talk about our practices. We can have the best skin care products on the market, but if skincare isn’t a part of our daily routine, then they can’t help.

Consistency in use and application is a must, and the best skincare routine is a matter of your daily habits. 

Each day, you need to develop a habit of cleansing, toning, (applying a serum if you choose) and then moisturising your face. Sunscreen is also useful for protecting your skin from UV rays. 

3. Choosing the right skincare products

Now, you’ll find a treasure trove of beauty products on the market. So, it can be quite the task to sift through to find the ones that will be perfect for your skin. 

But it’s time to start building out your skincare routine with the right products for glowing, healthy skin. And you can start right here by exploring Wakuda and our skincare products, by black-owned businesses, to support all the steps in your daily skincare routine.

By, Yvette J Haughton

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