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The History of Rum and 4 Amazing Cocktails To Make

This blog will delve into the rich history of rum, exploring its origins and evolution over time. We’ll also take a closer look at the distillation process used to make rum, detailing the steps and techniques involved. To finish off, we’ll provide you with three delicious cocktail recipes that put the unique flavours of rum on display. Whether you’re a seasoned rum enthusiast or just starting to explore this versatile spirit, this blog has something for everyone.

The History of Rum

Rum is a spirit that has a rich and storied history, dating back to the 17th century. Its origins can be traced back to the Caribbean, where sugarcane was first cultivated by the Spanish and then later by the British and French. The process of distilling sugarcane juice into rum began as a way to preserve the excess sugar that was produced during the sugarcane harvest.

The first recorded instance of rum production was on the island of Barbados in 1651. The British navy began to use rum as a ration for its sailors, and it quickly became a popular drink among sailors and colonists. The demand for rum led to an increase in production, and it quickly spread to other Caribbean islands, such as Jamaica, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands.

During the 18th century, rum became a major export from the Caribbean, with New England becoming a major destination for rum trade. The Triangular Trade route, which involved the trade of rum and other goods between Africa, the Caribbean, and New England, solidified rum’s place as a major commodity.

In the 19th century, rum production continued to expand, with new distillation techniques and the addition of aging processes. This led to the creation of different types of rum, such as light, dark, and spiced rum. The Prohibition era in the United States in the 1920s had a significant impact on rum production, as the market for rum decreased significantly.

However, rum made a comeback in the latter half of the 20th century, with the rise of tropical and tiki-style cocktails. Today, rum is a popular spirit enjoyed all over the world, with different styles and variations being produced in countries such as the Caribbean and South America.

In conclusion, the history of rum is closely tied to the history of sugarcane cultivation and the trade routes that emerged from it. From its origins in the Caribbean to its current popularity all over the world, rum has stood the test of time and continues to be a beloved spirit enjoyed by many.

How is rum made?

We’ve touched on the history of rum, now let’s look into the rum distillation process. It involves several steps:

Fermentation: The first step in making rum is to ferment sugarcane juice, molasses, or a combination of both. Yeast is added to the mixture to convert the sugars into alcohol.

Distillation: The fermented mixture is then distilled to increase the alcohol content. This is typically done in a still, which separates the alcohol from the other components of the fermented mixture.

Aging (not all rums are aged): After distillation, the rum is aged in oak barrels. The length of aging can vary, but most rums are aged for at least a year. During this time, the rum takes on the colour and flavour characteristics of the barrel.

Blending: After aging, the rum is blended with other rums to create the desired flavour profile. This can include adding other ingredients such as caramel, vanilla, and spices.

Filtering: The blended rum is then filtered to remove any impurities and to ensure a smooth, consistent flavour.

Bottling: The final step is to bottle the rum, which is then ready to be sold and consumed.

It’s worth noting that there are different variations and variations of the process for different countries and regions, but the general steps are the same. The choice of ingredients, fermentation, distillation, aging and blending will affect the final product and make it unique.

What should I drink with rum?

Rum is a versatile spirit that can be mixed with a variety of ingredients to create delicious cocktails. Some popular mixers for rum include:

Fruit juice: Rum pairs well with a variety of fruit juices, such as pineapple, orange, and cranberry. These ingredients add a touch of sweetness and can be used to create tropical-themed cocktails.

Cola: A classic rum and cola is a simple and popular combination. The cola adds a touch of carbonation and a hint of sweetness that complements the rum nicely.

Ginger Beer: Ginger beer is a popular mixer for rum, as it adds a spicy and slightly sweet flavour. This combination is often used in the classic cocktail, the Dark and Stormy.

Tonic Water: Tonic water adds a light and refreshing quality to rum, making it a great option for summertime cocktails.

Lime Juice: Lime juice adds a tangy and citrusy note to rum, making it a great option for sour-style cocktails.

Spices: Rum can also be mixed with spices such as cinnamon, nutmeg and vanilla, to create warm, seasonal cocktails.

It’s important to note that rum is a strong spirit and should be used in moderation when mixing with other ingredients. Experimenting with different mixers can lead to discovering new and delicious cocktails.

Cocktail recipes

When it comes to making cocktails, different types of rum can be used to achieve different flavour profiles. Ultimately, the type of rum you use in a cocktail will depend on the flavour profile you want to achieve. Experimenting with different types of rum can lead to discovering new and delicious cocktails.

These recipes are all created using Flat Cap Rum:

rum, rum cocktails, flat cap bakewell tart cocktail

Flat Cap Cherry Bakewell Tart Sour 

Photo credit and cocktail creation by Tales & Tails UK Cocktail blogger.


50ml Flat cap vanilla and cherry rum

25ml amaretto

25ml maraschino syrup

25ml egg white

Half a lemon

Half a lime


Add all the ingredients into a shaker and dry shake (without ice

Add ice and shake again

Pour into a chilled coupe glass


Maraschino cherry

rum, honey and rum, flat cap rum

The Flat Cap Honeyed Old Fashioned

By Richard Mckitty


2 oz Flat Cap Rum Dash of Honey 

1 tsp sugar

2 dashes Angostura bitters

Orange peel (for garnish)


In a mixing glass, combine the sugar and bitters.

Add in the Flat Cap Rum Dash of Honey and stir until the sugar is dissolved.

Fill a rocks glass with ice and strain the mixture into the glass.

Garnish with an orange peel and enjoy!

This classic cocktail recipe is elevated with the addition of Flat Cap Rum Dash of Honey, giving it a subtle sweetness and a touch of honey flavour. The orange peel garnish also adds a citrusy note that complements the rum nicely.

It’s perfect for sipping on a warm summer evening or any time you want to enjoy a sweet and satisfying drink.

Enjoy your Honeyed Old Fashioned!

rum apple cider, rum cocktails, flat cap rum

Flat Cap Spiced Apple Cider Cocktail

By Richard Mckitty


1 1/2 oz Flat Cap Rum Mixed Spice

3 oz apple cider

1/2 oz fresh lemon juice

1/2 oz maple syrup

1 cinnamon stick (for garnish)

1 apple slice (for garnish)


In a shaker, combine Flat Cap Rum Mixed Spice, apple cider, lemon juice, and maple syrup.

Shake well and strain into a glass filled with ice.

Garnish with a cinnamon stick and an apple slice.

This cocktail is perfect for the fall season, combining the warmth of the spices in Flat Cap Rum Mixed Spice with the sweetness of apple cider and maple syrup. The lemon juice adds a nice balance of acidity to the drink, making it a well-balanced and refreshing cocktail. The cinnamon stick and apple slice garnish give a nice touch to the presentation.

Enjoy this cocktail while relaxing with friends or family.


About Flat Cap Rum

Flat Cap Rum is a premium small batch rum brand. Our unique blend of traditional and modern techniques results in a unique and complex flavour profile. Our rum is placed in oak barrels and infused with a variety of natural spices and flavours, such as vanilla, cherry, mixed spice and a dash of honey. This gives Flat Cap Rum a distinct and delicious taste that is sure to please any rum connoisseur.

At Flat Cap Rum, we take pride in our commitment to quality and craftsmanship. We carefully source only the finest ingredients and use traditional methods to create a rum that is truly one of a kind. With its unique flavour profile and brand recognition, Flat Cap Rum is a great option for customers looking for a premium rum experience.

Whether you’re sipping it neat, on the rocks, or in a cocktail, Flat Cap Rum is sure to impress. It is also a perfect gifting option, especially during the holiday season. 

Discover the taste of the Caribbean with Flat Cap Rum. Cheers!

Flat Cap Drinks
Flat Cap Drinks

Flat Cap Drinks Company Ltd is a brand new company in the marketplace established in 2020, we are London based which is where the owner was born and raised and therefore we are a UK company. We have tasted Rums from most parts of the Caribbean so by building on traditional spirits, we create new flavours to bring you exciting rum and in the future other spirits.

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