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6 Ways to Use Sea Moss Gel

Have you heard of sea moss gel? Most people haven’t (and they are missing out!).

As the name implies, sea moss (Chondrus crispus) comes from the ocean, right? So, you might be wondering what it’s doing on the pages of Wakuda.

There are many beneficial uses for sea moss gel, and this article will explain how to use sea moss in six innovative ways.

What is Sea Moss?

Firstly, let’s clear one thing up – sea moss is not really moss. Yes, it’s one of many sea vegetables from the ocean, also known as Irish moss or Irish sea moss. It also has other names: red algae, red seaweed, and its scientific name Chondrus crispus.

Oh, so it’s algae? Yes, it is indeed!

Like all seaweed types, this ocean native is actually algae. Algae is the term for a vast number of organisms found under the sea that can photosynthesise. This means they use water, carbon dioxide, and the sun’s light to produce food for themselves – and ultimately, food for us too.

Many believe sea moss has health benefits for controlling blood sugar and improving heart health. It also has properties to help to improve gut health and maintain a healthy thyroid function. Remember to stick to the prescribed dosages, though – taking too much could mean too much iodine intake for your body!

History of Sea Moss

Irish moss grows throughout the year on many ocean rocks on the coasts of Northern Europe and North America. It’s harvested manually, then dried and processed to eat and drink. As far back as 400 BC, people would consume sea moss during food shortages, including during the Irish Potato Famine of the 1900s.

The Irish would prepare sea moss soup for nutritional needs and to fill their empty bellies. In other cases, they’d eat raw sea moss, although it’s not going to appear on any modern menu in that form! It was during the Potato Famine that it became known as Irish moss.

Irish sea moss can be found as a health supplement in many health food stores these days. Although there isn’t yet conclusive research to back this up, sea moss is thought to have many purported health benefits for the human body. It is also a source of sea moss powder, often used as a thickening agent.

Let’s look at a few tasty ways of using the healthy Irish moss gel that we stock at Wakuda. Look closely, and you might find a way to help with skin rejuvenation as well!


The most popular and simple way to reap the benefits of Irish moss is to use it in a smoothie. Using the sea moss gel products from BodyNSoulSeaMoss, you can make the most delicious smoothies packed with all the algae’s health benefits. Sea moss is light-tasting, so any fruits and vegetables will overpower the natural sea moss taste to create a delicious drink.

Strawberry Infused Sea moss Gel, sea moss benefits

Try the BodyNSoulSeaMoss 100% Wildcrafted Strawberry Infused Sea Moss Gel in your smoothies to get a taste of what it has to offer. Add two tablespoons of Irish moss gel to your smoothie to enjoy its many possible health benefits. Potentially able to help improve your gut health, blood sugar control, thyroid health, and heart health, it’s a great addition to your daily smoothie.

Ice Cream

You can make a delicious ice cream using pre-prepared sea moss gel like the infused Chakra’s Sea Moss Gel found in the Wakuda store.

How much sea moss should you add? Combine a couple of tablespoons with the ice cream ingredients of your choice, and churn it into a smooth, creamy mixture.

As sea moss is a natural thickener, it will also help to set your ice cream quicker. Sea moss ice cream is becoming increasingly popular, as people are discovering the potential health benefits of this algae. 

Plus, adding vegan-friendly sea moss is great even when making dairy-free ice cream!

Jamaican Irish Moss Drink

This beverage has helped drinking sea moss to become a trend.

It’s served with a combination of cinnamon, nutmeg and vanilla and often contains a tot or two of rum. You shouldn’t forget the sea moss if you’re keeping the authenticity and sticking to the name!

You’ll end up with a spicy, sweet drink that can be served chilled, on ice, at room temperature or even warmed. We suggest popping in two tablespoons of Pineapple infused sea moss gel by BodyNSoulSeaMoss to add a taste of Jamaica and reap the benefits.

Soups and Stews

Enjoying infused sea algae while boosting the nutritional value of your soups and stews sounds like a great plan right? A little Lime, Honey & Ginger-infused Irish moss flavour from Chakra’s Sea Moss Gels will sharpen the taste of your broth or stew.

sea moss, how to use sea moss, sea moss gel, sea moss benefits

Another nickname for Irish moss is “vegan gelatine,” as its gel-like, mucilaginous consistency is perfect to thicken foods. So if your stew could do with more sauciness or your soup is too watery, you know what to add!


Adding Irish moss gel to jam is another way to use it to boost your food’s nutritional content and, of course, to thicken your jam. Making Irish moss berry jam is yet another one of the vegan recipes for which this moss is useful.

Bonus recipe: Irish moss berry jam 

Add the berries of your choice to a pot and stir well until the juices begin to release. Blend the heated, juicy berry mix until in puree form before adding some lime juice and agave nectar. Mix in a couple of tablespoons of Irish moss gel – the 100% organic flavoured/bespoke sea moss gels from The Moss Place are a good option available at Wakuda. Stir it all until it starts to thicken, then leave to cool and enjoy.

Face Masks

Although most of our suggestions involve eating sea moss, we did tell you we had a suggestion for skin rejuvenation, didn’t we? It’s just one more of the many sea moss benefits!

Sea moss gel doesn’t contain collagen, but it does help to produce collagen in your body; it has even earned the nickname “vegan collagen!”

If you apply it directly to your skin, you’ll end up with the natural glow attributed to revitalised skin. If you love that healthy skin feeling or have a skincare lover in your life, this is the perfect gift. 

Bonus recipe: Turmeric sea moss face mask

Mix two tablespoons of sea moss gel with a teaspoon of powdered turmeric and apply it to your face as a mask. The Irish moss helps to moisturise your skin, while the turmeric has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, which will do wonders to reduce and clear pimples.

Don’t overdo the face mask, though – restrict it to twice a week and enjoy a sea moss smoothie on the other days!


You can use sea moss gel in a range of different ways, including as a food thickener, a cooking ingredient and a skin product. Irish moss also comes in supplement forms like boosters – check our listings to see what’s on offer. At Wakuda, you’re free to shop for unique, culturally-inspired gifts by a variety of Black-owned brands. We’re worth a visit, don’t you think? Get in touch today and enjoy our extensive range of health, beauty, and gift products.

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