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The Best Bath Soaks and Bath Salts for Relaxation

Bath soaks and bath salts are perfect for personal pampering, or for giving as a gift. Whatever your reason for buying them, there are plenty of options for scents and skin care benefits.

Wakuda is a marketplace for independent sellers. So, if you want to support a Black-owned small business while also getting amazing skin care products, here are some of the best bath salts and bath soaks for relaxation.

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1. Ritual Bath Soak Set

The Goddess bath soaks set includes everything you need for a relaxing bathing ritual. It includes salts, flowers and essential oils, and also includes crystals for that extra kick. Each bath soak set comes in a glass tumbler and you simply mix as needed with the provided wooden scoop. You won’t know relaxation until you’ve tried this set.

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2. Divine Goddess Foot Soak

This bath soaks set includes products for both body and mind. It combines aromatherapy with beneficial minerals for maximum relaxation. The mix includes magnesium flakes, Epsom salts and a herbal mix.

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 3. Divine Goddess Sensuous Bath Soaks

Goddess bath soaks are designed to promote self-care and balance your energy, and this one is no exception. It combines essential oils for aromatherapy, pink Himalayan salt for relaxation, and coconut for moisturising. The bath soak comes in a reusable jar with a wooden scoop, so you can use as much as you want.

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4. Relaxation Bath Soak

Combining relaxation and skin care should be the point of all bath soaks. This relaxing Goddess mix uses camomile, lavender and calendula to restore and calm. There’s also a piece of amethyst crystal to cleanse your mind and body.

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5. Self-love Bath Soaks

If you want Goddess bath soaks that promote self-love and restoration, this is the one for you. It has rose petals and buds, cornflower and lavender to relax and enliven. Along with this, you’ll also find Epsom salts and pink Himalayan salts for that extra restorative kick.

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6. Ancient Goddess Ritual Bath Salts

These bath salts take inspiration from ancient Egyptian recipes that reduce stress and anxiety. The base is Himalayan salt, which is combined with rose petals and essential oils. Each batch is blended by hand to ensure relaxation every time.

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7. Organic Bath Salts

The main ingredients in these bath salts are coconut and vanilla. Unlike other blends, which are very floral, it focuses on soothing and delicate fragrances so it doesn’t overload your senses. It also includes various salts and pore-cleansing ingredients. Importantly, it’s 100% natural and suitable for vegans. 

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8. Organic Eucalyptus Mint Bath Salts

If you want relaxation with an invigorating kick, look no further than these bath salts. A combination of eucalyptus and mint is sure to open your senses (and lungs). But, the base of salts will still soothe your skin and tired muscles, making this a great mix. It’s also completely natural and vegan-friendly.

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9. Pure Lavender Organic Bath Salts

Lavender is a classic ingredient for relaxation. While it’s tucked away in many bath salts, here it takes centre stage. Along with salts and pore-cleansing ingredients, the only other thing included is lavender. As such, you get all the pleasant fragrance and restorative benefits with nothing to get in the way.

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10. Bath Salts Gift Box

LaVie by Lateefah is a Black-owned bath salts company that produces all the organic blends mentioned above. Choosing a single blend can be difficult, so why not go all out and buy a selection pack? This bath salts gift box is perfect as a present for someone special (including yourself if you’re feeling indulgent).

It includes 4 blends: lemongrass and ginger, eucalyptus and mint, pure lavender, and vanilla and coconut. 

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11. Self-love Bath Soaks

Self-love is all about relaxation, and these bath soaks are perfect for getting you on your way. There are loads of blends to choose from, ranging from herbal and fragrant to floral and fruity. Each uses a base of Epsom salts and Himalayan salt combined with essential oils and dried flowers. You get a 250ml jar with a wooden scoop. Importantly, they’re gentle enough to work as skin care for all skin types.


The best skin care involves pampering and spoiling yourself. Well, there’s no better place to start than with bath salts and bath soaks. Whether for you or someone else, bringing the spa experience into your home is perfect relaxation.

If you want to support a Black-owned small business with your skin care buys, browse our website for more.

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