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What are the Benefits of Activated Charcoal for Your Body?

When some people hear the words ‘activated charcoal’, the image of a barbeque may spring to mind. Don’t worry; we’re not suggesting you use that sort of charcoal on your body!

Activated charcoal is a processed wonder ingredient that can help with many things inside and outside the body. 

Below, we’ve compiled a guide on how activated charcoal works and why you should use it. 

What Is Activated Charcoal?

We promise you don’t need a degree in molecular biology to read our article. However, here at Wakuda we strongly believe that you should know where your health and beauty products come from in order to make informed decisions. That’s why we’ve delved into the details of activated charcoal to help you learn more about its benefits for you.

Activated charcoal comes from carbon that’s heated to an extremely high temperature. The result is a black activated charcoal powder. 

Do you know the type of charcoal you use for a barbecue? While that technically goes through the same process, it doesn’t mean it’s the same. 

Activated charcoal has, for lack of a better word, been “activated.” So, the carbon (wood and coconut shells) changes from a simple charcoal like from a BBQ. It is now a delicate and porous material because of the extreme temperatures.

The process of heating charcoal comes in two phases. Once at between 500-600℃ and the other at over 900℃. 

It’s only then that the coal becomes porous enough to use as a cosmetic or medical product. 

But why do we use activated charcoal in this way? 

Good question. The body absorbs charcoal differently. Since it is so porous, the charcoal attaches to the tiniest pores and cells in the body. 

Once attached, if there are toxins in the body, they automatically attach to the charcoal compounds. The toxins on the charcoal then flush out through human processes. (We won’t go into that, but you know how we eliminate toxins.)

Charcoal is a good option for toxins because it can bind to hard-to-reach places throughout the body that other molecules can’t. 

That’s why we use activated charcoal. It simply works better. 

Why Do People Use Activated Charcoal?

This charcoal is a popular choice because it is natural. Yes, it goes through a long process to get the perfect formula. But ultimately, the ingredients are natural. 

Studies show that activated charcoal benefits both the inside and outside of the body. This makes it highly versatile.

Moreover, charcoal is cheap. Compared to other ingredients, it can be a really affordable and effective option to add to your skincare routine.

How Do You Use Activated Charcoal?

Charcoal comes in many different forms. If you’re ingesting it, you can take it in capsule form, drink it, or use drops. Some restaurants even infuse their food and beverages so you can eat activated charcoal. 

An activated charcoal water filter can also help prevent unwanted chemicals from entering the body.

If you’re applying it to the skin, hundreds of products use this magical ingredient. You can mix it with other anti-inflammatories like sea moss or simply use pure charcoal. 

The options are endless!

What Are the Benefits of Using Activated Charcoal?

Health benefits for your body

Reduces gas and bloating

Now, remember we spoke about charcoal binding to cells? It’s no different from other things in the body. Activated charcoal may also bind toxins in the gut that cause uncomfortable intestinal gas and bloating. 

The reason it works is that the charcoal reaches your stomach in an unchanged form. This means it binds to all toxins from the mouth into the stomach. 

Additionally, if you suffer from a stomach upset, charcoal can also help by removing any of the toxins causing it.  

Removes toxins

One of the main reasons people started using charcoal in the medical profession was that activated charcoal could quickly remove poisons and toxins. For instance, doctors can use it if you’ve accidentally overdosed or drunk something you shouldn’t have.

Single-dose activated charcoal is an effective method to eliminate toxins. The chemicals bind to the charcoal, meaning it can’t attach to your cells. Drug overdoses happen, and activated charcoal has prevented millions of deaths.

But it’s not only about the toxins we ingest. You may have toxins in your body from disease. Charcoal can even help with things like liver and chronic kidney disease. Improving kidney function can also add another layer of removing toxins from the body.

May reduce high cholesterol

Some studies suggest that activated charcoal use may improve your cholesterol. It appears to reduce bad cholesterol while improving good cholesterol. Is there anything this miracle compound can’t do?!

However, other studies into the impact of activated charcoal on cholesterol have seen mixed results. While we need more research to understand the link between charcoal and cholesterol, it’s encouraging that activated charcoal may be helpful for people suffering from high cholesterol!

Plus, it’s cheap! That’s a win-win for everyone. 

Benefits for your skin

Treats acne

Acne is a skin condition that forms deep within the skin’s pores. Bacteria gets trapped in hair follicles and pores, leaving the skin clogged and unable to breathe. This inflammatory response to the clog is extremely painful and can leave your skin with scars if not treated properly. 

If you suffer from acne, you know that managing it can be a serious struggle. It affects your skin health and your mental health too. 

Now, onto how activated charcoal may help. 

Remember, activated charcoal removes impurities. The same goes for your skin. Using charcoal on the skin removes the bacteria and contaminants, allowing the skin to breathe. 

Once those deep-set infections receive oxygen, they begin to die almost instantly. 

You’ll need to chat with your dermatologist about using charcoal on the skin if you have severe cystic acne. But studies show a massive correlation between infection removal and activated charcoal. 

We recommend giving this ACTIVATED – Facial Cleansing Bar a go. It has charcoal, peppermint, and tea tree – all ingredients that help improve acne. 

Side note: if you’re worried about acne scarring, shea butter may also help

Improves skin health

Not only can using activated charcoal work for acne, but it’s also fantastic for improving your skin overall. It removes impurities, inflammation, odours, and mould. 

Plus, if you have bug bites or a skin reaction, charcoal may also help alleviate your discomfort. 

If you want to cleanse and detox the skin, we suggest trying something like the Skin Cleanse and Nourish Combo. It uses plant-based oils, sea salt, and charcoal to help the skin feel revitalised and renewed. 


Is activated charcoal good for your skin? 

Absolutely! Charcoal is excellent for the skin. It removes impurities and hydrates the skin. 

Can you take activated charcoal every day? 

Yes, you can use between 500mg-1,000mg of activated charcoal supplements daily. Just be sure to read the directions on your activated charcoal products first. 

Are there negative side effects when using activated charcoal? 

Generally, you shouldn’t experience side effects if you’re taking or using charcoal as directed. However, if you take too much, you may experience gastrointestinal upset. And in the rare case that you notice skin irritation, you may need to use a different product.

The Bottom Line

Activated charcoal is a fantastic compound that is what we call an ‘all-rounder’. It has so many benefits inside and outside the body. 

The anti-inflammatory and toxin removal properties eliminate any unwanted chemicals. This will help to leave you looking and feeling refreshed.

It’s natural and affordable, so it could be time to add activated charcoal to your health and beauty regime. Check out the best health and beauty products from Black-owned brands here at Wakuda today!

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